Friday, January 15, 2021

A Year in Review 2020

 2020.. what a year.. There were so many ups and yet so many downs.

I took some time away from the blog this year because well 1. Vinny was born in January, so we took some adjusting to get used to being a mom of two. and 2. well we were (technically are) still in a pandamic! But there were some highlights from the year that I wanted to share with you all!


Vinny was born!! January 7, 2020 we welcomed Vincent Daniel into our family and have. You can read all about his birth story here.


 we celebrated Valentine's Day. Joey also hit a big milestone and was fully potty trained


Everything started to happen. In early March, my mom lost of her first cousins to cancer, but the good thing to come out of it, was that all of the cousins were together right before the shut downs and everyone got to meet Vinny. Then we got basically grounded. Joe is an essential worker so he kept working. He is a sales man for beer in grocery stores- and lord knows everyone needs that! So that left me home with both boys. Joey's school shut down for what we thought was two weeks.. remember when we all thought two weeks and then everything would be back to normal?! Then we moved onto April and then everything was suppose to open back up May 1. Boy were we na├»ve. We didn't see my parents, we only did Target pick ups, and went on ALOT of walks. 

We are so fortunate though. We all stayed healthy, Joe and I both kept our jobs and we got to enjoy getting to know Vinny in his first months of life. My company did furlough's but as the Administrator, I was able to work from home, after my maternity leave. 

We spent a lot of time in the house, but I was able to do a mini home tour. It's crazy to look back at these posts, because so much have changed since posting them.

The Kitchen 

Master Bedroom

We celebrated Joey's 3rd Birthday- quarantine style! It was prolly the best birthday for him, since he got his very own parade with cops cars and fire trucks! He was so excited about his Race Car Birthday party, but unfortunately we moved it to May and then cancelled altogether. 


We had cancelled Joey's birthday party that we moved to Memorial Day weekend and instead just had our neighbors and friends we see all the time over for a cook out and to swim. Things got somewhat back to normal in June for us. I went back into the office three days a week and the boys went back to my parents. I don't know who was more excited, the boys or my parents. Joey's school also opened back up, but we decided to send Joey in start of July. 

We celebrated Father's Day Weekend & the fourth of July with our group of friends and neighbors that we have seen throughout, so being outside and cooking out, helped everything feel a little bit more normal! 

We spent a long weekend in Long Beach Island and Joe and I also snuck away for a weekend in Cape May, NJ. 


In September I was honored to host a baby shower for my best friend, Amy. We had a small Halloween party for the kids we see all the time in our neighborhood in October. We also got to visit the pumpkin patch twice with the boys. However, we also lost Joe's grandmother to cancer in October. She was such a staple in our lives is missed everyday. 


We had our first real snow day which was such a treat to have Joe home with us and enjoy the day.  and of course we finished out the year with Christmas and New Year's. 

I know this year was hard for everyone. Whether you lost your job, loved one or were unaffected that way, this year was dang hard. Joe and I were lucky we kept our jobs but being home all the time, going without seeing family and friends was rough. I feel for those that have lost a loved one and financially effected. I am hoping 2021 to be a better year, and my prayers for peace!

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