Thursday, November 10, 2022

Halloween 2022 & Trunk or Treat

 This year's theme was so fun. For costumes I always leave it up to the boys and then do the theme for Trunk or Treat based on that. This year the boys (well really Joey and Vinny just goes along with whatever Joey says) picked ninja turtles. Immediately a pizza parlor came to my head for the Trunk or Treats at both their schools. I know my years are limited because Joey's school only does trunk or treat in K and again in 8th grade. 

Turtle Costumes | Etsy
Shirts | Amazon

The 'sewer' was a large tray that I taped the graphics onto. The 'Toxic Ooze' I printed and put on a paper towel roll. Taped the little ninja turtle to the tray 

Pizza boxes came from my cousins pizza shop that I used for the treats and the decorations in the trunk

Plaid sheet is a Christmas table cloth. and most of the decorations I had from Vinny's first meatball theme birthday party..
On the Monday of Halloween we Trunk or Treat at Joey's school. They paraded around with their 8th grade buddies and then went car to car. 

I am one of the Kindergarten class mom's, so we were in charge of getting some extra candy and then setting up a photo booth. We used my backdrop holder from the store and I got this shag curtain, props and balloons off of amazon. 

Four our trunk or treat I used all the same decorations.. I actually just kept everything in the car through the weekend. 

my mom brought Vinny, and Joey loved showing him off to all his friends and the 8th graders.

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