Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Home Tour | Master Bedroom

Ahh, the master bedroom. Sadly, the only time we spend up here is literally to sleep. But it is very peaceful and we do love it. In reality the only time that TV gets turned on, is if we let Joey watch a cartoon before bed! We also had the addition to the room in these photos of Vinny's bassinet. It since has come down, as these pictures were taken about a month ago! 

When we bought the house, we were so happy to have full, high ceilings. In our last home, one wall was slanted so it was very limited on what we could do in the room. We both have our own closets as well, so that is a big help too! We also love that we have our own master bathroom! I planned on taking many bathes in there.. so far, the boys have used the most of that tub! I hope to finish decorating and possibly painted the master bath soon, to share with you as well!

Bed Frame | Wayfair
Comforter | Home Goods
Sheets | Amazon
Furniture | Ikea
Vanity | Vintage
Throw Pillow | Pottery Barn
Wooden Sign | Etsy
Lamps | Home Good
Mercury Glass Taper Candle Holders | Pottery Barn
Mercury Glass Candle Holders | Pottery Barn
Mirror | Home Goods
Custom Portrait Art | Etsy
Black Framed Art | Hobby Lobby
Curtains | Ikea
Other Frames | Home Goods
Bench | Home Goods
Blanket | Pottery Barn (similar)

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