Thursday, July 30, 2020

Vincent Daniel | Six Months

How has it been six months already since you made your arrival!  Vinny is the smiliest little baby I know! Loves watching his brother play and wants to join in on the fun. 

WEIGHT: 17.5 lbs

Monday, July 27, 2020

Homemade Peanut Butter Icing

I have to give a disclaimer that these are in NO WAY calorie or fat free! But they are soooo delicious! 

My favorite easy baking hack is to make boxed cake or cupcakes but then make my own homemade icing. A few weeks ago, I whipped up some vanilla cupcakes which I added some sprinkles into the batter to make it confetti. Then one of Joey's favorite things is peanut butter so I made my own homemade peanut butter icing. This recipe is a staple in my family, and pretty much appears at every family gathering we have in some sort. 


3 tbsp Flour
1 stick softened butter
1/2 C Crisco
1/2 C sugar
1 C Peanut Butter- (not chunky)
1/2 C Water
1/2 C Chocolate syrup


Cream the butter and the Crisco together with a mixer. Add sugar and mix. Add flour and water and mix. Add peanut butter and chocolate syrup and mix until blended together and creamy.

Monday, July 20, 2020

EASY Homemade Ice Cream Cake

This may be the easiest dessert EVER that actually looks like to spent hours creating! 


Ice Cream Sandwiches
Cool Whip 
Parchment Paper


You can use whatever size dish you want- depending on how big you want your cake to be. This will determine how many ice cream sandwiches you will need and cool whip. For a small 9x9 dish, I used six sandwiches and about half the carton of whipped cream.

In a baking dish cut parchment paper and line the bottom and sides. Unwrap your sandwiches and fit them into your dish. You may need to cut them to fit the whole dish. But this is YOUR cake, so it can look however you want it to look! Cover the entire top with Cool Whip. Cover and place in freezer for 5-6 hours. Remove from parchment paper and place on dish. Cover the sides with additional Cool whip and top with whatever toppings you want! 

I used mini M&M's & blueberries, but you can use fruit, candy, sprinkles, whatever!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Fourth of July Weekend 2020

This weekend was such a good one, because Joey is at a fun age now. This was the first year he was awake and could really see the fireworks being shot off. 

Thursday.. Joe picked up BBQ from one of our favorite spots on the way home from picking up the boys at my parents. And our friends made a margarita run and picked up us a pitcher of Mango from our favorite place on Main Street, Urbano. Once we put the boys down, we enjoyed them on the patio while the sun set.

Friday morning the boys and I went to Minsi Lake to walk with some friends. Joey rode his bike and I could barely keep up with him since I carried Vinny in the pouch! On the way home we stopped at my parents to cool off- because boy was it a hot one! We then went to the Chick Fil A drive thru and picked up lunch. Joe got home from work and we cooled off in the pool, and our friends Zack & Cait and their son Brayden came over to swim too. 

Friday night we spent playing in the pool and around the yard. We cooked steaks and burgers on the grill and Joey and Brayden stayed up late and were exhausted! After putting Vinny to bed, we let Joey stay up just a little longer to light some sparklers with the neighbors next door.The look of excitement on his face was priceless!

Saturday we had some friends and neighbors over to celebrate the Fourth of July! I wish I took more pictures, but usually when we have friends over, I put my phone somewhere safe since I'm hosting and running after kids! At least we got a family photo of all of us- it's only taken us 6 months!!

My outfit:
Suit | Target
Shorts | Jcrew (older- similar)

Boys Outfits:
Vinny Shirt | Janie and Jack (old- similar)
Joey Shirt | Hannah Anderson

A favorite of mine treats when I was a kid was cupcakes in an ice cream cone. I don't know why they were so good to me, but every time I had them I would get so excited! For some reason I thought they were so hard to make! Silly me.. they are so unbelievably easy, they may be my new go to!

Ice Cream Cones
Boxed Cake Mix
Carton Icing
Throw Away Tin Pan (I used one per dozen)

Take your cones and trace the bottom on you tin pan. Use a little knife to cut out the holes, so that your cupcakes will 'sit' in them. Depending on how many you are making, you may need numerous pans.  Make your cake according to the box. Once made, pour your batter into the cone until about 2/3 full. Bake according to box. Remove from oven and top with your favorite icing! I found Rainbow Chip at our local store which was a childhood favorite as well! I topped with some patriotic mini M&M's!

We all stayed up way to late watching fireworks at night. Joey had so much fun watching them all around the neighborhood. 

Sunday we cleaned from the day before and just hung around at home. Our friends Zack, Cait and Brayden came over swimming and we cooked out. At night we got Joey's things ready to start 'school' aka daycare back up on Tuesday. I was so torn sending him back part time, but honestly after bringing him and seeing him play with all his friends, I know I made the right decision. They have so many extra safety precautions in place it give me a piece of mind!

And here is a picture of Vinny, because this world needs more smiles!

Past Fourth of July's 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Fathers Day Weekend 2020

Even though I'm late on posting this, hey.. better late then never!

Anyway, we celebrated Father's Day weekend celebrating our favorite dad's! 

Joe missed out on his 'Donuts with Dad' this year due to Joey not in school yet, and no visitors are allowed in the schools here in PA, which was kinda a bummer!

Friday Joe took off from work to enjoy the pool with the boys, however, it ended up being over cast and rain on and off all day. Instead he spent time with the boys while I gave the house a good cleaning which was much needed. In the afternoon while Vinny napped, I took Joey with me to run some errands to give Joe some peace and quiet. Later that evening we had our friends Zack and Cait and Brayden over to tire the boys out and run around. That night I had planned a beer tasting via Zoom with his friends from High School. They boys all tasted five of the same beers and had to guess types and names. The winner got a T-shirt! We kept it a surprise from them, so when they all logged on and saw each other as well as the 'MC' who was a friend of theirs as well, they loved it!

Saturday, Joe went golfing with some of his friends, and I hosted a Stella & Dot Jewelry party at the house. I had about 12 guests throughout the morning and did a brunch spread. 

Brunch items included.. Glazed donuts, bagels, Fruit & Cheese Trays, Lemon Cakes and the Easiest Banana Pudding ever! I got the recipe from @heymadinelson on Instagram!

3-5 whole bananas, depending how big they are
1 container Cool Whip
2 packs Chessman Crackers
1 5oz Pack Vanilla instant Pudding
2 Cups Cold Milk
1 14oz can Condensed Milk
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

In a large bowl, beat pudding and milk for about 2 minutes. Blend in the condensed milk. Stir in vanilla extract and half of the Cool Whip tub. Line a bowl or casserole like dish with chessman cookies. Layer with pudding mixture, and banana slices. Repeat as necessary and top with remaining Cool Whip. I like to do two layer of each so that it's not as thick, but depends how big you dish is! Serve chilled. Use extra cookies as bananas to dip or eat as is.

For drinks I had ingredients for mimosa's. I also found the best tasting juice to drink as is, or add with the champagne! 

My jewelry party was such fun! We made a lot of sales, which in turn gets me credit to purchase more stuff from Stella & Dot!

Saturday night my mother law stayed with the boys while Joe and I went to an outdoor dinner reservation. It was the first time out to dinner in a restaurant alone since February 7! It felt great to eat out, and we are thankful that our state has opened up the outdoor dining.

Sunday on Father's Day we gave Joe his Father's Day gift. I got him the Stockcar Experience at our local race track. His best friend also got the same gift, so that they can plan a day to go together and do it. 

For my dad and father in law, I got the cutest mugs made for them! I made the design with an app on my phone, and then sent it to Shutterfly. These are the 15oz custom mugs. They were definitely a hit with the grandfathers!

Even though it was Father's Day, Joe decided to mow the lawn.. and had a helper with him as well. 

We had my parents and my father in law and his wife over for a cook out. Joey enjoyed the pool, especially this ginormous dragon float my father in law got for him. Poor Joe spent the better half of the afternoon pumping it up! 

Years Past:

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fourth of July Fashion | Stay at Home

What is it like in your state right now? In PA we are in the GREEN PHASE, which means outdoor dining is allowed, inside dining is allowed with certain precautions, and stores are open at 50% capacity. But I for one am not rushing out to tons of places just quite yet. Joey's day care opened back in June, but we held off sending him yet. He will go back next week though, and so far he is excited.. we will see how it goes on Tuesday during drop off- which is at the door, escorted in by a teacher! 

Anyway, we are having friends over our house, but it is all ones we have seen since the beginning of Summer. We will cook out on the grill, have a few drinks and enjoy the pool, and I can't wait! I sure do love hosting, even if it's only a few friends and neighbors.

Here are some outfits that you can wear if you are going to a bar-b-que or just hanging around the house. They can be worn on Summer long.

1.Crew Neck | Target
2.Tie Dye Tank | Old Navy
3. Striped Romper | Nordstrom
4.Fender Tee | Kohl's
5. Navy Dress | Target
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Friday, June 26, 2020

Vincent Daniel | Five Months

Can you even with this picture. Vinny is so easy going and I swear the happiest baby! He is so content being in his jumper, rolling all over the floor and eating! He's really into scrambled eggs and apples. He's tried a bunch of different things to like vanilla pudding, pasta sauce and cool whip- loved them all!

He's is beginning to crawl by pulling himself with his arms and scooching across the floor- no stopping him now!

Five MONTHs: June 7, 2020
DIET:  FORMULA, Baby foods, scrambled eggs
CLOTHING SIZE:  6 months or 6-12 months