Friday, April 23, 2021

FUNCTIONAL Linen Closet Organization

 Happy Friday Friends! 

This is a project I actually finished a while ago, however, I just never got around to taking a few pictures for the post! I got so inspired to clean the whole house and organize while watching the Home Edit during maternity leave/ lock downs. But let's be realistic- I have a very active lifestyle and have two boys that don't stay in one place for long! I need my linen closet to be organized yet functional!

I picked up these bins at Target and love that they are flexible to be able to pull sheets, towels and blankets in and out without taking each bin out of the closet. 

On the bottom of the closet I have the large bins and the bulkiest items. These are the master bedroom (king) extra sheets and the extra throw blankets. The lowest shelf has the boys sheets each in their own medium bin and in the small bins are band-aides and first aide stuff so that it is easy to grab. Next shelf up is guest towels and extra hand towels and travel pouches. Then I have the boys humidifiers, little fans, diffusers etc. and more extra towels in the medium bin. The last shelf in the baskets are back stock of bathroom supplies, soap etc. 

Small Bin

Medium Bin

Large Bin

Do you have a linen closet that is over flowing and you need to tackle? I highly recommend these flexible felt bins for the storage!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Coordinating Sibling Spring Pictures

Do you take spring pictures with your kids? We already got ours done this year. It was actually an Easter mini session and the boys loved getting to play with all the faux bunnies she had as props! But my boys do have Spring pictures coming up in a few weeks for school. At our preschool, they do siblings pictures together, so I like them to be coordinating - but not matching! 

Today I put together a few different looks of coordinating outfits for both boys and girls! 

Boys:                         Girls:

Henley                  Pink Dress

Overalls                  Printed Dress

Cargo Shorts & Henley             Pink Sandals                      


Boys:                                    Girls:

      Button Down                       Chambray Dress

Gingham Button Down         Daisy Dress

Denim Shorts                       Lemon Dress

Shorts                                Bow Sandals

Boat Shoes                                           


Boys:                          Girls:

Striped Shirt                     Jumper

Cargo Linen Shorts                Stripe Dress

     Button Down                        Gingham Dress

Boat Shoes                      Sandals

Can't wait to see all your spring looks of your kiddos!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I had a short week, since I was off of work on Monday, but it felt longer then normal. We have a busy weekend ahead of us with Soccer Games starting! And we just got our Tball schedule- so even busier weekends are coming!

It's also my mom's birthday Saturday, so we are gonna try to grab brunch or lunch this weekend as well!


I purchased the cutest lounge set from Amazon. I forgot I actually had it until I found it in my closet this week!


Joey has his first dentist appointment this week. I was not gonna lie, I was so nervous going into it, because I for sure thought he wouldn't behave. He did so well though! I set so still and steady for them and even got a gold coin!


After his appointment, I wasn't too in a hurry to get into work and Joey to school, so we went on a date for breakfast!


I was browsing the Forever 21 website the other day to get inspiration for some spring outfit, and sometimes I can find something age appropriate for me! It brought me back to growing up and the outfits and trends. Here are some of them that I wore religiously growing up, and looks like they are trying to bring them back??

 Butterfly Clips

Biker Shorts

Platform Wedges


Block Heels


Sephora is currently having their sale. If you aren't a insider- be sure to sign up! My favorites are all linked on this post!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sephora Favorites

The Sephora sale is in full swing for all three categories- Rouge, VIB and Insiders! If you aren't an insider yet, then you NEED to sign up! It's completely free and to have insider status you do not need to purchase a minimum to keep up with it, unlike the other two. Throughput the year, there are special sales and promo's so I would definitely recommend signing up!

Rouge members save 20%

VIB members save 15%

Insiders save 10%


Today I've rounded up some of the items that I picked up already that I always purchase when they run the sale.. I also purchased other fun things, but these are my staples I always restock on!

 Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleaner- Use this to wash my face every night.

Super Goop Glow Screen- Apply religiously to my face all Summer. Also has the nicest color tint to wear without makeup!

Super Goop Sunny Screen- Babies- I got this for the first time this year for the boys to use. I am trying to use cleaner products for them, so I am sure this will be used all summer!

Isle of Paradise Disco Tan - This lotion is the best if you want immediate color, but also washes off when you are finished wearing it!

Drunk Elephant Pitti Deodorant- I am currently in the process of reviewing a bunch of deodorants, and so far this is my favorite! From someone who suffered from excessive sweat their whole life, this is the best I've found for me! This is the second time ordering this and I'm sure won't be the last! 

Olaplex Bonding Oil- I have naturally curly hair, so to help tame frizz, I put a few drops in my hands and rub over the fly away's when straight and curls. 

Two Faced Better then Sex Mascara- My old faithful favorite mascara. With every order (no exaggeration) I purchase this mascara!

So have you shopped yet? If so, what did you get! If you haven't, what do you plan on picking up?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Super Hero 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated our big four year old with his favorite thing right now- Super heros! We held the party at one of favorites that just reopened under new ownership- so we definitely wanted to give them the business! The restaurant didn't open until 4, so we were able to have a closed private party!

We had about 30 of our friends that all had their own kids to celebrate, and it was so fun to have everyone together again. The kids were running around and playing and laughing, and it was so good for our souls! Of course we had drinks for the adults too, so that was a big hit as well!

Previous Birthday Parties:
One . Two . Third (darn you Covid)

Monday, April 12, 2021

Covered Patio Revamp

When we moved into our home, one of the biggest selling piece was the inground pool and the covered patio. We were sticking to budgets and just used our patio/ sunroom furniture from the old house to hold us over until we found what we liked/ on budget.  There really wasn't anything wrong with the dining table and chairs, so it lasted us a good two Summers at the new house. The biggest pet peeve with it though, was it had a bar that went around the table, so the chairs could never really be pushed all the way under. Which didn't leave much room to be able to walk around the patio.

I wasn't really looking for new furniture, however when I found the most perfect chairs at Target, I had to grab them! We listed our table and chairs on FB Marketplace, and within 10 minutes we had over 25 offers!! So it wasn't hard to sell the set. Now I just had to find the perfect table. I needed the height to be able to fit the chairs underneath and also sturdy enough so that it wouldn't blow away since there are no mature trees in our development- the wind just whips through our backyard. 

We kept all our other furniture in our TV seating area that we had and I think it fits in perfectly! 



Rattan Chairs (Similar)

Love Seat - purchased two years ago a lot cheaper!



Lumbar Pillows


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Easter Weekend 2021

 Happy Easter! HE is Risen!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Ours was jammed pack with all the things. 

Friday.. The boys preschool was closed, so they spent the day at my parents house. Thankfully it wasn't too cold during the day, so they were able to spend some time on the playset outside.  After work I headed to pick them up. For dinner we ordered a bunch of different shrimp and seafood taco's from one of our favorites. We also made a batch (or a few batches) of margarita's. The boys played and we had out neighbors come over for drinks. I was exhausted so I went to bed when Joey did! We had a lot to do Saturday, so I knew I had to get my sleep in!

Saturday.. I made a Lowe's run with Joey followed by a trip to Shoprite for the groceries needed for Sunday dinner and baking. We got breakfast sandwiches at Shoprite and brought them home to eat. After breakfast, I started making my Easter Bread.  Joey & Joe got ready for their first T-Ball practice of the season. Joe is the Head Coach and they are both really excited! Once they left and Vinny has finished his lunch I put him down for a nap. I knew I only had a period of alone time and had a lot to get done! I cleaned off all the furniture and washed off the back covered patio. While that dried, I started painting the doors to the outdoor TV. It was a turquoise color, and while I loved it, it just didn't fit with the colors of our furniture that were on the covered patio. I matched the color of our doors as close as I could find. It is pretty close to matching! It was pretty cold when not in the sun, and of course it was super windy out. I do have to touch it up a little bit, so hoping this coming weekend is a little warmer!  

I was able to unpack and move to the patio my new chairs, until Vinny woke up. Shortly after he awoke, Joe and Joey got home from baseball. Joey was tired, so he ended up going upstairs and taking a nap. Joe ran to pick up cookies I had made for the boys for their Easter baskets and took Vinny with him, so I was able to finish up my bread and start mini cheesecakes I was making for Easter dinner while Joey slept. When Joe got home, he helped me put up the fence around the pool, so that the boys could play safely in the backyard, and we don't have 

Sunday.. Joey woke up his normal early time, before anyone else. I was actually surprised we waited patiently to open his Easter basket until Vinny and daddy woke up. Finally around 7 he couldn't wait anymore and he woke them up. The boys, including Charger; opened their Easter baskets and then we started the morning with bunny waffles for the boys. 

The boys played with their new things and my mother in law came later in the am. When she got there, we distracted the boys while Joe hid all the Easter eggs in the backyard. To be honest, I bought nothing new to put in them and instead I raided the playroom and stuffed them with match box cars, figurines and whatever I could find that fit!

My parents came over and we had Easter lunch. Joe made a ham and lamb and my mom pasta plus we had all the sides! For dessert I made mini oreo cheesecakes and had my Easter bread. After lunch the boys played outside until everyone crashed later that night. It was such a good day!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend as well!

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