Friday, January 15, 2021

A Year in Review 2020

 2020.. what a year.. There were so many ups and yet so many downs.

I took some time away from the blog this year because well 1. Vinny was born in January, so we took some adjusting to get used to being a mom of two. and 2. well we were (technically are) still in a pandamic! But there were some highlights from the year that I wanted to share with you all!


Vinny was born!! January 7, 2020 we welcomed Vincent Daniel into our family and have. You can read all about his birth story here.


 we celebrated Valentine's Day. Joey also hit a big milestone and was fully potty trained


Everything started to happen. In early March, my mom lost of her first cousins to cancer, but the good thing to come out of it, was that all of the cousins were together right before the shut downs and everyone got to meet Vinny. Then we got basically grounded. Joe is an essential worker so he kept working. He is a sales man for beer in grocery stores- and lord knows everyone needs that! So that left me home with both boys. Joey's school shut down for what we thought was two weeks.. remember when we all thought two weeks and then everything would be back to normal?! Then we moved onto April and then everything was suppose to open back up May 1. Boy were we na├»ve. We didn't see my parents, we only did Target pick ups, and went on ALOT of walks. 

We are so fortunate though. We all stayed healthy, Joe and I both kept our jobs and we got to enjoy getting to know Vinny in his first months of life. My company did furlough's but as the Administrator, I was able to work from home, after my maternity leave. 

We spent a lot of time in the house, but I was able to do a mini home tour. It's crazy to look back at these posts, because so much have changed since posting them.

The Kitchen 

Master Bedroom

We celebrated Joey's 3rd Birthday- quarantine style! It was prolly the best birthday for him, since he got his very own parade with cops cars and fire trucks! He was so excited about his Race Car Birthday party, but unfortunately we moved it to May and then cancelled altogether. 


We had cancelled Joey's birthday party that we moved to Memorial Day weekend and instead just had our neighbors and friends we see all the time over for a cook out and to swim. Things got somewhat back to normal in June for us. I went back into the office three days a week and the boys went back to my parents. I don't know who was more excited, the boys or my parents. Joey's school also opened back up, but we decided to send Joey in start of July. 

We celebrated Father's Day Weekend & the fourth of July with our group of friends and neighbors that we have seen throughout, so being outside and cooking out, helped everything feel a little bit more normal! 

We spent a long weekend in Long Beach Island and Joe and I also snuck away for a weekend in Cape May, NJ. 


In September I was honored to host a baby shower for my best friend, Amy. We had a small Halloween party for the kids we see all the time in our neighborhood in October. We also got to visit the pumpkin patch twice with the boys. However, we also lost Joe's grandmother to cancer in October. She was such a staple in our lives is missed everyday. 


We had our first real snow day which was such a treat to have Joe home with us and enjoy the day.  and of course we finished out the year with Christmas and New Year's. 

I know this year was hard for everyone. Whether you lost your job, loved one or were unaffected that way, this year was dang hard. Joe and I were lucky we kept our jobs but being home all the time, going without seeing family and friends was rough. I feel for those that have lost a loved one and financially effected. I am hoping 2021 to be a better year, and my prayers for peace!

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Monday, January 4, 2021

Christmas 2020

I can not believe Christmas is over.. it was so fun this year at Joey's age, despite the circumstances of lock downs, cancellations and not seeing some family members.

Christmas Eve was different this year and we stayed home and cooked the traditional seven fish meal. My parents came over as well as my mother in law. My brother was suppose to come too, but had to get a COVID test since once of his partners in his unit tested positive. 

My mother in law stayed over so helped us play Santa once the boys went to bed. Not gonna lie, with all the toys in the living room, it was a little overwhelming! However, once the paper and boxes got cleared, it was a lot better. 

Joey's gifts:
Mini trampoline, Happy Napper Shark, Squishamallo, Legos- lots of lego's, Trucks, cars, Bluey house and clothes.

Vinny's gifts:
Grill, Happy Napper shark, squishamallo, Singing Sven, Little People, other toys and clothes. 


One of Joey's favorite pieces of clothing was his Captain America hoodie 

I also got the cutest custom super hero capes made on for both boys.

Joey was so appreciative of everything he got. 

Vinny was in awe most of the day not really knowing what was going on!

Joe's favorite gift was baseball cards. This past year, he has gotten back into collecting cards.

For Christmas dinner, we had my parents back over and my mother in law. For appetizers we did a meet and cheese spread as well as some of our favorites from Trader Joe's like the pimento cheese and fig puff and the baked brie. 

For the main course, we had antipasti salad, Lasagna with meatballs and sour bratten that Joe made for the first time this year in honor of his grandmother that passed in October this year. It was delicious!

and for dessert we had strawberry cake and whipped cream cake (requested by Joey), my mother in law picked up this Yule Log and of course homemade cookies and chocolates. We were all stuffed!

And this picture just makes me laugh. Kinda sums up 2020!! Joey cried and would not take a family picture. So I bribed him that he could 'wear' his happy napper (which is a big sleeping bag) in the picture. And there is our picture!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Previous Years: 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Our First Snow Day of 2020

Two weeks ago we had our first real snow storm of the year. Actually this was the first real snow storm that Joey got to enjoy and play in as well. The snow started Wednesday during the day. So I left work early to pick up the boys from my parents and get home before it got bad. I left work with no snow, and by time I got just a few miles away, the roads were covered already! We made it safely home, and Joey was so excited and kept looking out the window asking to go play in it. The forecast was calling for up to 20inches, which by Wednesday night it was on track for. Joe and I made dinner and opened a bottle of wine while watching the Weather Channel. It was exciting because Jim Cantore was in our town on Main Street! You know it's gonna be bad when he comes into your town. It was beautiful seeing all the snow pile up on the beautiful street all lit up! Late that night, the wind picked up and the snow turned to sleet and freezing rain. But it still ended up dumping about 9-10inches on us. Joey was so excited to get out and play in it. Joe and I both took snow days Thursday and even Joey's pre-school was closed. 

We had a slow morning. We made breakfast, watched some TV and laid around. It stopped snowing in the late morning, so Joe decided to get around and start cleaning up. We waited until Vinny went down for a nap and then gathered up all the snow gear.  I got Joey dressed in all his layers of snow gear so that he could get outside. 

Our neighbors came over to play too. And thankfully our elves had left us a snow man kit to use!

The boys had so much fun playing outside, buildings a fort and trying to build a snowman! We warmed up for mac and cheese lunch and hot chocolate for dessert! While inside I put together a white chicken chili in the crockpot. A little we put on our snow gear again and went back outside. It was the perfect snow day!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Weekend Rewind | December 2020

Let me start by saying, we are so lucky and fortunate to be able to provide the lifestyle with live for ourselves and the boys. During the initial shut down, I was on maternity leave and was fortunate I had my job when I got back from leave. Joe worked throughout the how shut down, since he was an essential worker because ya know people need BEER! I know a lot of families who weren't so fortunate. If you are able to I highly suggest giving back. Joey and I went shopping this year and picked out a few gifts to donate to Toys to Tots and it was the best feeling! We also sponsored a child through our local Salvation Army. 
Anyway, that was my blurb for today..

This past weekend was a blast. I know everyone says you never know the magic of Christmas until you have kids and man is that true!! 

Wednesday we had our first snowfall of the year, so Joey and Vinny got to enjoy it with my parents at their house while I was at work. 

I snapped this picture of the house when I got home from work. Something so magical about Christmas lights with snow.

The boys at Gaga and Poppy's house enjoying the snow day!

Friday, our elves Bernie and Ernie left the boys all the treats to make a hot chocolate bar.  Joe was actually off from work, so we decided to go for breakfast at one of our favorite little places. Our governor in PA shut down in door dining starting at midnight, so we knew we wanted to get in one last in restaurant meal before the shut down. I had some pick up orders so we finished off the morning running errands. We picked Joey up from school and had all intentions of driving around to look at lights when it got dark, but it ended up being so foggy that we only went through our development. We ended the night with Christmas movies, hot cocoa and some snacks.

Saturday morning Joey's sports class got cancelled due to the shut down, so we started making our annual Christmas cookies. Our local fire department comes around the neighborhood with Santa and delivers gifts to the kids. We were so excited to see him- it was a little bit of normalcy in such a crappy year. 
Joey got a fire emergency helicopter and Vinny got a little people fire truck. It was the first time Vinny saw Santa in person.. he's still not to sure about him!  We made more Christmas cookies to finish the day and watched even more Christmas movies. 

Sunday morning, I woke up early with Vinny made the last batches of cookies I needed to. Joey for once slept in until 7:30! I made the boys waffles and let Joe sleep in. Later that morning, Joe's mom came for the day. 

We had another special visitor come to our house for a stop! I dressed the boys up and told Joey someone really special was coming because he heard he has been good. SANTA came to visit us!!! My mom's cousin owns this amazing Santa suit and volunteered to come visit the boys. It was so great! He walked around to the back of the house and Joey saw him walk past the window. He came through the patio with a gift for him and Vinny and of course Joey invited him inside. He got our pictures with Santa this year WITHOUT a mask or behind plexiglass as they are at the mall's this year. It was so magical Joey seeing him!

and if you want to see the video of Santa arriving, head to my instagram stories highlights of 'Christmas 2020' to see!

Later that day we headed to the Easton Winter Fest to visit the little huts and check out their ice rink. The boys and I got noodles for dinner from our favorite Mister Lee's Noodles, and Joe and his mom grabbed BBQ from the Public Market in town. 

It was such a special weekend for our boys and a good one for my mama soul!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Vincent Daniel | ELEVEN Months

Can you believe Vinny is 11 months! I feel as though we were just hitting the milestone months like 3 or 6! I may say it all the time, but this time with him has flown by. He recently had a big growth spurt and is starting to look more like a toddler then a baby- and I don't know how okay I am with that. He stands by himself for a few seconds until he realizes what he's doing. He also has taken steps on his own, but can get places faster crawling so he prefers that. 




Monday, December 14, 2020

Mascara Round Up

After I had Joey I lost a lot of my eye lashes. So much so, that I decided I wanted to get lash extensions. I loved the way they looked but hated the maintenance it took to keep up with them. I had them on for a few months before a freak case of pink eye Joey got and then decided to pass along to me and I had to remove them all. Since having them, my lashes were so brittle and barely there. I immediately reached out to a friend who sold Rodan and Fields and purchased their Lash Boost. It definitely helped my lashes get back to pre pregnancy and pre lash extensions. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite mascara's in case you are looking for a change or in the market for a new one. Once I got my lashes off, I started to use a primer before my mascara- and I don't know why I never used one before!

Benefit - Bad Gal Bang | Ulta + Sephora
Too Faced - Better then Sex | Ulta + Sephora
Lancome - Monsieur Big Volume | Ulta + Sephora
Maybelline Volum' Express The Collosum | Ulta
It Cosmetics Last Blowout | Ulta | Sephora
Max 2 | Amazon
Urban Decay Perversion | Sephora
Urban Decay Subversion | UltaSephora 
Lancome CILS Booster XL | Ulta | Sephora

With all the combinations I've tried, my favorite is the Urban Decay Subversion primer paired with the Too Faced Better then Sex Mascara. Both have larger barrels which is a preference for me. I used to swear by the Benefit Bad Gal mascara and exclusively by that, however once I met the Too Faced mascara I was hooked. 

I hated the Lancome Monsieur Big Volume mascara and was not a fan of the Lancome primer. I have friends who love it though. Especially since the primer goes on thicker and you can see the white on your lashes- just not a preference for me. 

Max 2 I actually got from my salon when I had lashes on to use with them, but can also be used on regular lashes as well. I like using this on my bottom lashes. It doesn't clump and make them look like a spider!

Maybelline is a great drugstore alternative to save a few bucks. Bug barrel and rolls on smooth. It Cosmetics and Urban Decay were middle of the road. Weren't my favorite I would keep buying, but also I didn't hate them. 

So, what is your favorite mascara and do you where primer as well?? Tell me below in the comments, because I'm always looking for a good mascara!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Gift Guide | Girl Who Has Everything

I know you all are prolly gift guided out by now, but I have one more gift to show you! This year I feel as though my creativity just isn't on par as other years. Maybe it has to do with the year we were dealt or the fact I haven't been actually shopping in a mall setting since last season?! That could also do it to you! I am sharing today a more meaningful gift that I would love to get. 

Mini Dog Tag | oNeckalce

This necklace is so classic, and the things you can engrave on it are endless. I chose just my name, but how cute would your kid/kids names, your significant other or even a pet! 
oNecklace never disappoints with the quality of their product and customer service and oNecklace offers free World Wide Shipping!! Make sure to follow them on instagram to keep up with the newest products and styled by real life girls- just like me!

They have a really great sale going on right now!! up to 40% off and an additional 15% off with CODE: XMAS15

I received this necklace as a gift, but all opinions are my own!