Friday, July 3, 2020

Fathers Day Weekend 2020

Even though I'm late on posting this, hey.. better late then never!

Anyway, we celebrated Father's Day weekend celebrating our favorite dad's! 

Joe missed out on his 'Donuts with Dad' this year due to Joey not in school yet, and no visitors are allowed in the schools here in PA, which was kinda a bummer!

Friday Joe took off from work to enjoy the pool with the boys, however, it ended up being over cast and rain on and off all day. Instead he spent time with the boys while I gave the house a good cleaning which was much needed. In the afternoon while Vinny napped, I took Joey with me to run some errands to give Joe some peace and quiet. Later that evening we had our friends Zack and Cait and Brayden over to tire the boys out and run around. That night I had planned a beer tasting via Zoom with his friends from High School. They boys all tasted five of the same beers and had to guess types and names. The winner got a T-shirt! We kept it a surprise from them, so when they all logged on and saw each other as well as the 'MC' who was a friend of theirs as well, they loved it!

Saturday, Joe went golfing with some of his friends, and I hosted a Stella & Dot Jewelry party at the house. I had about 12 guests throughout the morning and did a brunch spread. 

Brunch items included.. Glazed donuts, bagels, Fruit & Cheese Trays, Lemon Cakes and the Easiest Banana Pudding ever! I got the recipe from @heymadinelson on Instagram!

3-5 whole bananas, depending how big they are
1 container Cool Whip
2 packs Chessman Crackers
1 5oz Pack Vanilla instant Pudding
2 Cups Cold Milk
1 14oz can Condensed Milk
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

In a large bowl, beat pudding and milk for about 2 minutes. Blend in the condensed milk. Stir in vanilla extract and half of the Cool Whip tub. Line a bowl or casserole like dish with chessman cookies. Layer with pudding mixture, and banana slices. Repeat as necessary and top with remaining Cool Whip. I like to do two layer of each so that it's not as thick, but depends how big you dish is! Serve chilled. Use extra cookies as bananas to dip or eat as is.

For drinks I had ingredients for mimosa's. I also found the best tasting juice to drink as is, or add with the champagne! 

My jewelry party was such fun! We made a lot of sales, which in turn gets me credit to purchase more stuff from Stella & Dot!

Saturday night my mother law stayed with the boys while Joe and I went to an outdoor dinner reservation. It was the first time out to dinner in a restaurant alone since February 7! It felt great to eat out, and we are thankful that our state has opened up the outdoor dining.

Sunday on Father's Day we gave Joe his Father's Day gift. I got him the Stockcar Experience at our local race track. His best friend also got the same gift, so that they can plan a day to go together and do it. 

For my dad and father in law, I got the cutest mugs made for them! I made the design with an app on my phone, and then sent it to Shutterfly. These are the 15oz custom mugs. They were definitely a hit with the grandfathers!

Even though it was Father's Day, Joe decided to mow the lawn.. and had a helper with him as well. 

We had my parents and my father in law and his wife over for a cook out. Joey enjoyed the pool, especially this ginormous dragon float my father in law got for him. Poor Joe spent the better half of the afternoon pumping it up! 

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