Monday, January 4, 2021

Christmas 2020

I can not believe Christmas is over.. it was so fun this year at Joey's age, despite the circumstances of lock downs, cancellations and not seeing some family members.

Christmas Eve was different this year and we stayed home and cooked the traditional seven fish meal. My parents came over as well as my mother in law. My brother was suppose to come too, but had to get a COVID test since once of his partners in his unit tested positive. 

My mother in law stayed over so helped us play Santa once the boys went to bed. Not gonna lie, with all the toys in the living room, it was a little overwhelming! However, once the paper and boxes got cleared, it was a lot better. 

Joey's gifts:
Mini trampoline, Happy Napper Shark, Squishamallo, Legos- lots of lego's, Trucks, cars, Bluey house and clothes.

Vinny's gifts:
Grill, Happy Napper shark, squishamallo, Singing Sven, Little People, other toys and clothes. 


One of Joey's favorite pieces of clothing was his Captain America hoodie 

I also got the cutest custom super hero capes made on for both boys.

Joey was so appreciative of everything he got. 

Vinny was in awe most of the day not really knowing what was going on!

Joe's favorite gift was baseball cards. This past year, he has gotten back into collecting cards.

For Christmas dinner, we had my parents back over and my mother in law. For appetizers we did a meet and cheese spread as well as some of our favorites from Trader Joe's like the pimento cheese and fig puff and the baked brie. 

For the main course, we had antipasti salad, Lasagna with meatballs and sour bratten that Joe made for the first time this year in honor of his grandmother that passed in October this year. It was delicious!

and for dessert we had strawberry cake and whipped cream cake (requested by Joey), my mother in law picked up this Yule Log and of course homemade cookies and chocolates. We were all stuffed!

And this picture just makes me laugh. Kinda sums up 2020!! Joey cried and would not take a family picture. So I bribed him that he could 'wear' his happy napper (which is a big sleeping bag) in the picture. And there is our picture!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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