Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Weekend Recap October 2020

Last weekend was a whirl wind, so we needed a little bit slower paced. Let me back track to last weekend first. Joey was in my cousins wedding as the ring bearer. If you follow me on instagram then you saw just how stinking cute he was. But also it was a little somber. Joe's grand mother who we were very very close with passed away, so we had all the services to attend. So like I said before- a casual weekend was needed for all.

Friday, Joe got home from work earlier then normal since we had to be at his office for a meeting very early that morning. He decided to cut the grass while Vinny napped and I picked up Joey from school. When we got home, we finally let Joey ride his new-ish John Deere tractor around the development. He actually received it for Christmas from my father in law, but we didn't have enough room to bring it home with us at Christmas so it sat in his grandparents basement for 9 months. It was the hit of the street! The neighborhood kids all wanted a turn riding it and Joey would climb in the back wagon to ride. However, on one of the rides, they were going a little too fast and the wagon hitch came undone. Joey ended up with a busted lip and bloody mouth. But that didn't stop him from running around more with all his friends, though! When we finally got him inside, we ended up just ordering out for pizza and watched a movie to end the night.

Saturday, my mother in law came to spend the weekend with us. We packed up the car with the boys are headed to breakfast. Where we wanted to go, was over an hour wait. So, we grabbed bagels and headed to the pumpkin patch and tailgated out the back of the car. We found our pumpkins, porch decorations, apple cider donuts (the boys favorites!), and Joey rode the tractor ride and Joe and him shot potatoes out of canons, before we headed out. When we left it started to get crowded.  

Once home, we put out the rest of the Halloween Decorations- which includes the cutest inflatable Buzz and Woody's.
Woody & Buzz |Amazon

Our neighbors next door and diagonal from us actually all came over while we were decorating and had a 'drive way party' as we call it! The kids all played and we had a few drinks together. The kids then made their way over to the play set next door before we all disbursed to have our own dinners. Our friends up the street walked down and we order take out on the patio while the boys played outside. 

Sunday, I made a heaping pile of pancakes from mix my mother in law picked up at Cracker Barrel the day before! it was a pretty lazy morning until we all finally got around and decided to run some errands. 

I made up my annual 'Boo Baskets' for our neighbors and delivered them before we headed out. This year I added in a little something extra for the parents too!

We went to my favorite floral/plants place, The Gift Box and got mums for my mother in law to decorate her house with. We made a stop to a friends house to drop off a baby shower gift which I can't attend. We finished our errands at the grocery store while the boys both slept in the car with Joe. My mother in law treated us and made dinner that night. Meatballs, pasta, sausage - the works! It was delicious. 

Vinny approved! It was a great weekend!

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