Thursday, April 23, 2020

Joey's Third Birthday

I have a feeling this birthday will be one to remember for a long time! Since we are under the stay at home orders, it looked a lot different then the previous two years. We weren't able to see our Gaga and Poppy (my parents) which was a big disappointment to Joey, but I think we made up for not being able to do all the fun things. 

When Joey woke up in the morning, (thanks to Target Drive up), we decorated and has all his presents lined up. His big gift this year is none other then a trip to DISNEY WORLD in September! I think we are more excited then he was. But then again, I don't think he really realized it yet. 

Joe was very proud of his 'Magic Kingdom' Lego masterpiece. And I just couldn't pass up using his toy airplane with an adorable picture of him sitting in it.

On our local news, you can email in a birthday and they will announce is on the morning newscast. Joey was sooo excited to see himself!

Uncle Didi (my brother, Dale) got him these Paw Patrol Walkie Talkie's. Joey is excited to use them with his best bud up the street he told me!

That same best bud sent him a cupcake decorating kit. It was the cutest assortment of candy decorations.

Some other things Joey got were Buzz, Woody and Duke Kaboom frmo Toy Story, as well as this cute Marshall talking watch. 

My friend Patti, who also used to watch Joey when he was a baby, did a drive by dropped off this hoop for Joey! We also put these balloons on his bike so that when we went for a ride later that day, everyone knew!

It was such a beautiful day out, so we spent most of it outside playing.

We ordered our cake from our favorite bakery and picked it up that morning.

Joey had a great day, but the ultimate surprise came during the day, when I arranged for the fire engine to drive by. I never imagined they would put on a whole parade!!

Thanks again to all who made it so special including our local Fire Dept. & Police Dept. !!

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