Monday, December 28, 2020

Our First Snow Day of 2020

Two weeks ago we had our first real snow storm of the year. Actually this was the first real snow storm that Joey got to enjoy and play in as well. The snow started Wednesday during the day. So I left work early to pick up the boys from my parents and get home before it got bad. I left work with no snow, and by time I got just a few miles away, the roads were covered already! We made it safely home, and Joey was so excited and kept looking out the window asking to go play in it. The forecast was calling for up to 20inches, which by Wednesday night it was on track for. Joe and I made dinner and opened a bottle of wine while watching the Weather Channel. It was exciting because Jim Cantore was in our town on Main Street! You know it's gonna be bad when he comes into your town. It was beautiful seeing all the snow pile up on the beautiful street all lit up! Late that night, the wind picked up and the snow turned to sleet and freezing rain. But it still ended up dumping about 9-10inches on us. Joey was so excited to get out and play in it. Joe and I both took snow days Thursday and even Joey's pre-school was closed. 

We had a slow morning. We made breakfast, watched some TV and laid around. It stopped snowing in the late morning, so Joe decided to get around and start cleaning up. We waited until Vinny went down for a nap and then gathered up all the snow gear.  I got Joey dressed in all his layers of snow gear so that he could get outside. 

Our neighbors came over to play too. And thankfully our elves had left us a snow man kit to use!

The boys had so much fun playing outside, buildings a fort and trying to build a snowman! We warmed up for mac and cheese lunch and hot chocolate for dessert! While inside I put together a white chicken chili in the crockpot. A little we put on our snow gear again and went back outside. It was the perfect snow day!

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