Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Our Weekend in Long Beach Island, NJ

A few weekends ago, our family took a long weekend down to Joe's dad shore house. If you are not aware of the area, New Jersey at the time was only allowing outdoor dining and still following social distancing guidelines. So, to say this trip was way different then the other years is an understatement. 

We left on Thursday after picking Joey up from school. We noticed while driving down his allergies were getting bad and he was sniffling a lot, but hoped once we got down there, they would clear up. We arrived to the house around dinner time and once we brought everything inside, we ordered pizza take out from the local tavern in town. 

On Friday, we had all intentions of going to the beach with both boys, however, the weather did not cooperate. It was gloomy and over cast all morning. Instead we got bagels and hung around the house in the morning then took a ride to Long Beach Island (about 15 min. away) to walk around and shop. 

We went in and out of some of the little shops in the Bayville Village area and then had some drinks in the Beer-garden Ship Bottom Brewery set up while the boys had snacks. The lines to get into two of my favorite stores were wrapped around the buliding, so I opted to not wait for them. Throughout the day, Joey's allergies were bothering him, so he wasn't in the best spirits. Before leaving the island we stopped at our favorite spot The Local and picked up food for that night to make. 

That night Vinny started to get very cranky and developed a runny nose. Him being cranky is very unusual, so we knew something was up. After holding him down long enough to look into his mouth, we discovered two little teeth starting to show on his top gum. Joe's dad and wife came down to the house later that night and we had steaks on the grill and crab cakes. Vinny slept horrible that night and was up probably every hour. Thankfully he didn't wake anyone else up, but the next day dragged for me!

Saturday, we got bagels again for breakfast and went to the local park to hang a little bit. Joey went with Joe and my father in law on the boat for a little and he had so much fun!  Our friend Kevin stop down for a little and we had drinks and chatted on the patio for a little. 

That night we had dinner reservations at Stefano's  under their outdoor tented patio. I got the Risotto Del Mar which is Shrimp, Lobster, Crabmeat, Artichoke, Asparagus and Tomatoes. It was delicious!!  After dinner we went to Fantasy Island so that Joey could play some games and ride the rides. This was the first year he loved everything! We actually had some friends that were vacationing down on the island, so we met up with them so that the boys could go together on rides. We spent way to many ride credits and walked away with a stuffed turtle from the games. But he had so much fun and that is all that matters!

On Sunday we packed up early to get home. Vinny's teeth were getting worse and Joey's allergies were pretty bad. 

It may have not been the perfect weekend, but anytime I'm with my boys, it's fine with me. Here's to hoping next year is a lot better!

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