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2017 Year in Review

This may be a little late, but I've started this post back in early December and have yet to finish it, until now! We have had one busy, busy year and boy was it fun! Such huge milestones and love this year past. So without waiting anymore.. here is our year in review!

January 2017...
We started off the year getting right down to organizing the house in preparations for Baby Joey's arrival. The first check on our list is our downstairs (and now only) linen closet. Posted how we did this project, and also some free printables for you to use on your own organization!

February 2017...
Holy nesting February! I felt as though the whole house needed to be cleaned and I mean every. single. inch. It was so nice to have everything tucked away and clean.. boy do I miss the house looking like this!! We also did a gallery wall on our stairway and turned some old frames from Goodwill into Shabby Chic displays!

March 2017...
March was a BIG month for us. The countdown was on and we had a lot to get done! Our half bath upstairs was turned into a whole bath and like that it made life so much easier! This was one the biggest projects in our house to date and it felt like it took forever. Now more then ever with baby, this is so nice to have a shower upstairs. 
We finished Joey's nursery early in the month and I found myself just sitting in there some days. 
We also were blessed with an amazing baby shower. The theme was 'Little Slugger' and everything about it was perfect!

April 2017..
and I can confidently say, April was by far the biggest month of the year for us. We welcomed Joseph Michael Melchionna into the world on April 8, 2017. You can read all about it birth story here!

May 2017..
In May we celebrated my first Mother's Day! I know everyone says it, but you really can't imagine loving someone as much as yourself, but this little person proves you can!
June 2017...
We were pretty busy getting to know our little man then not much time was spent on the little old blog, so I do apologize for being a little absent! In June Joey got baptized into the Catholic faith. 
I purchased a new car.. however if you didn't know, you would prolly think it's the same exact one! Hey stick with what ya know.. right!
Joe and I celebrated our one year married anniversary! Even though it feels like decades, can you believe it's only been a year!! We celebrated at the place it all happened.. Hotel Bethlehem.

We had an exterior makeover and had our siding on our house painted, and man did they change the whole look! We are in love with it!
Joe also celebrated his first father's day! Aren't they just so cute!!

July 2017...
Another home project I took on is painting the backsplash in the kitchen. We really didn't want to spend the money on replacing the back splash and it wasn't terrible.. just the god awful color! While I was pregnant with Joey on our many trips to Lowe's I picked up the paint. It did have a lot of fumes, so I opted to hold off on this project until summer when the windows were open and Joey could be upstairs

August & September 2017..
These months feel like blurs. Joey had so many milestones and is growing bigger and bigger! One thing that was a total set back was we learned Joey has tortacolis which is where he favored one side of his neck causing the muscles to be shortened on one side. However, his case was very mild and we started therapy to fix this! He loves going to therapy because he gets to play with toys the whole time while our therapist massages his neck muscles! Every time we go we see so much more improvement!

October 2017..
We celebrated Halloween this month and Joey also turned six months!

November 2017...
Back on Labor Day weekend we had a freezer problem that led to water getting under our new (installed last May) floor!!! Insurance of course got involved and held up the process therefore causing mold to form under the boards. It was an absolute mess to begin that cleaning process and the floors couldn't be spared. We did end of finally getting our new floor installed in November and I love them. Actually a lot more then the previous ones installed!

December 2017...
And just like that we've made it to December. We spent December doing Christmasy things with our little guy and getting the house all ready for Santa. 

I hope to be more active on the blog this new year! But no matter what my family time will come first! I want to thank each and every one of you for following along on my little adventures! Cheers to the next year :o)

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