Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Potty Training | What Worked for Us

Ugh, the dreaded potty training! If you have a young child then you know the struggles that go along with that if you have a stubborn child. We have friends that their kids took to the potty right away and it was so easy. Us on the other hand, it has been an ongoing struggle for a few months. Now, this is what worked for us! Every child is different, and I'm sure from Joey to Vinny it will be a completely different experience. So use your judgement- but I thought I would share how we got Joey to use the potty!
We have had toddler training pants in our home for a while now. I wanna say we purchased them when Joey turned two years old, but we were just waiting to use them. Around 2 1/2 we decided we would try over a long weekend- well of course that weekend, Joey got the stomach bug.. so there was no way we were going to try then. We did start however asking him if he wanted to go on the potty when we knew he was 'trying' aka hiding in the corner when he had to go number 2 or would always shiver before he pee'd in his diaper!
My parents, who watch Joey twice a week for us; bought Joey a Paw Patrol toddler potty thinking that would excite him into using it. Instead he would use it as as stepping stool to look out their front porch window. At our house we installed a new seat which has a magnetic smaller child's seat.  Upstairs in his bathroom, we got a Mickey toddler seat to put over the big one. 
With my pregnancy getting later and later, we were very eager to get him out of diapers so that we would have two to change. We would put training undies on him over the weekend, but instead of resorting to the potty, he would hold it in all day until we would put a pull up or diaper on him, and then he would soak it. 
Joey started 'trying' at school after seeing some other kids do it. Meaning he would start at least sitting on the potty, even though nothing would come out. Hey, it was a start! About a week or two after having Vinny, he has a snow storm and were stuck inside all day. We knew this would be our time to try. 

We started that morning, by getting Joey excited to try the potty and making a big deal out of it. Previously I had picked up a bunch of matchbox cars at Target to use as incentives for doing his business. We covered all the couch cushions and chairs with blankets and towels and let Joey go commando. He asked him every 20 minutes if he had to go and would march him into the bathroom and show him what he could have if he went on the potty! It took a couple hours, but finally he had to go. Joe and I made sure he knew how excited and proud we were of him and made a huge deal when he actually went. He actually even went number 2 that same day!! Don't get me wrong, there were pee accidents that happened that weekend, but it was such a good start! At night we put him a pull up, which he did pee in. But still, after being potty trained for two months, he still does. That whole week, he kept up with the incentives which included stickers, small snacks as treats and even a bigger gift if we went all week at school. There was accidents, which he would get really upset about, but that made us realize he understands the whole training thing if he's getting upset! 
Two months in, and there are still some accidents that occur, but he is only going to be 3. Heck sometimes when I sneeze I pee myself! What do you expect!!!We are so so proud of him, and even though it was a long journey, seeing how excited he got when he went the first time was totally worth it!
Like I said before, every child is different, and this is what worked for us. Joey sits down when he pees so I know when it comes time for him to stand up that will be a different story. He also will sometimes sit on the toilet for a few minutes before even going. My biggest advice is read your child. If they show signs they are ready, suggest and try, but don't be too pushy. I didn't want to make the potty a negative thing for him! Hope this method helps you too!
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