Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Long Beach Island 2022

 We took our annual long weekend trip to Long Beach Island this year the last weekend in July. 
On Thursday Joe and I both worked half a day. I picked up Vinny from school and then went to grab Joey from my parents house. We loaded up the car and headed down for our weekend adventure.

Like years past- we stopped at one of our favorite Italian places- Frankie Fed's on the way down. Once finished we checked into our old faithful motel we love the Seahorse Motel. I unpacked and hung with Vinny while Joe took Joey to grab some ice cream since it was pretty late. We sat outside on our balcony with the ice cream and the boys played with their new coloring pages and stamps I brought for them!

Friday morning we of ocurse got up early (because who actually sleeps on vacation with little kids) and headed to a favorite- The Local  for breakfast and coffee. They always have the best grab and go options and if you go early there will be no lines!

We did a little shopping in and out of some of the stores that were down towards that part of the island before heading back to the motel.  It was a bit over cast, but we suited up and headed to the beach. Since it wasn't that pretty out- there wasn't that many people on the beach. there were a few quick rain showers but then the sun came out and it was beautiful. There was a cold front in the ocean, so unfortunately we didn't get to really go into the water. The boys still had a great time playing in the sand and having snacks, that they didn't mind. We left the beach in early afternoon to go to the pool. The boys had baths and then some nap/rest time before we headed out to dinner and the amusement park. 

For dinner we went to somewhere we haven't been since we were living the newlywed life! We had dinner at The Arlington. I had the crab cakes and it was so good. I was craving them! 

After dinner we went to Fantasy Island which is the local amusement park. The boys were at a good age that they could go on the rides together and play games. They had so much fun and I think they did every ride that they could.

On Saturday, we went to breakfast at Scojo's in Surf City. The boys were excited to sit outside and for the mini confetti pancakes!

After breakfast we did a little shopping. We hit up our usual places and got to pop into I think my new favorite on the island called The Dune Market. It has a little book shop inside, which the boys loved, but also has a wide selection of gifts for home, candles, dining wear, and even some cute clothing. We definitely will be back.
Once we finished shopping, we stopped back at the motel to grab our suits for the boys and some snacks, and we headed to my father in laws house. The boys loved going out on the jet ski with him and for a ride on the boat. They even got to crab in the lagoon!

We  went to dinner at the local place- Caffrey's & then for ice cream before heading back to the motel for the night. The boys were so exhausted. We had to leave pretty early the next day, since I had my cousins bridal shower. It was a fun trip like always. We look forward to it every year!

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