Saturday, October 1, 2022

Bellisima by Ashley Maria SHOWROOM

 Soooo... at the end of Summer I had the opportunity to jump on a space that was available. I literally could not pass it up, because the signs were all there. It was like calling my name and what better time then the present to move my boutique in the right direction. 

I opened up my first ever show room in Easton, PA!

Before a much needed power wash!

First up, PAINT! it was a blue previously, so to go with our brand I went with a light pink.  

I removed the old light/fan and went with this simple yet statement pendant 
Pendant | Lowes 

Next was the fixtures. I measured out all the fixtures precisely, yet always leave room for changes. Like the wood.. Well the walls could not hold the weight of the rods, let alone once we put the clothing on there. So, thankfully with the help of my guys from work, we came up with creating our own studs. I was going to paint to match the paint, but like the raw wood as an extra texture in the room. 
Fixtures | Amazon
Mirror | Home Goods

I wanted to stick with the brand, so I accented the store with gold. 
Gold Racks | Amazon
Glass & Gold Shelf | Home Goods

Once all the bones of the show room were done, we started bring in the product and that's when it really came to life!

Gold Shelf | Amazon

Wallpaper |  Amazon
Picture | Target

I'm so proud of this little show room of mine! It's amazing how different it looks already just from these pictures once we started bringing new stuff in!

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