Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Mini Vacation to Long Beach Island NJ

Last weekend our little family took a nice long weekend down at the Jersey Shore. 
On Thursday Joe and I left early from work and pulled Joey early from school. We headed down to Long Beach Island, NJ for the weekend and got a super cute hotel room a block from the ocean. In LBI, hotels are hard to come by, but we decided that was the easiest thing to do instead of staying at the family shore house that was still about 20 minutes from the beach. Plus the house wasn't toddler proof and steps away from an open lagoon. So about a week away we found the Sea Horse Motel and it meet all our needs! We stopped for dinner on the way down, so we didn't end of getting to the island until after 9:00pm. I unpacked a few things quick and we put Joey down in his double bed all to himself!  Thankfully, our room had a bench that we could hang out on and people watch, talk and catch up with each other once Joey went to sleep. 
Friday morning we all got up around 7 and got ready for breakfast. The good thing about a toddler that gets up early, is you can usually beat the rush for restaurants in the morning. We drove down a little to a place we've wanted to go to forever, but there was always a wait when we wanted to go. We were able to snag a table outside at the Dockside Diner, but quickly learned how hot the day was gonna be with the sun beating on us. We finished up and went back to the motel. 

We hung out for a little and then got ready for the beach. Even though it was Joey's third Summer down the shore, we never actually brought him on the beach yet. I had all kinds of emotions going on- would he like the sand? Would he be scared of the waves? Was it going to be too hot and he would hate it?  But surprisingly, he loved it! I researched the best things to take to the beach for a toddler and rounded it up on this post. At first, Joey wouldn't move off the blanket, but once we kinda forced him onto the sand, he loved it. The water was pretty cold, but we still put our feet in the water. We played with the sand, had snacks, chased some seagulls and had lots of fun. Around 2:00 we decided someone needed a nap desperately, so we packed up to head back to the room. After a quick bath, he finally went down for a much needed nap. 

We made reservations for 6:00pm that night to go to Tucker's Tavern. It was such a cool place that we haven't been to yet. There were soo many kids there which made us feel at ease, since Joey was a little cranky not getting a great nap during the day. After dinner we walked to check out the boats docked in the bay and then drove over to the amusement park, Fantasy Island. After way too many games (and money spent) Joe won a huge dog Joey HAD to have. It was way past Joey's normal bed time, so we head back to the motel and after he went to bed, Joe and I spent some time on the balcony together.

Saturday morning, we had plans to go to one of our favorites, The Local, but when we got there it was so packed we didn't even want to wait for coffee. We headed to another favorite breakfast spot, The Blue Water Cafe.  Joey enjoyed his pancakes which he asked for the moment he woke up and I enjoyed the avocado toast, while Joe had a Benedict.  
After breakfast, we headed to Bay Village to do some shopping. Joe took Joey to the park to play on the swing set and I went to one of  my favorite stores, Sur La Plage. They was having a major end of year sale, so I was able to get some Lilly Pulitzer marked down 30% off. Another favorite of mine Island Gypsy had a lot of great things, but being pregnant this summer, I just didn't feel like shopping for myself. We be-bopped around for a little and then headed back to the motel for nap time. Joe went back to Bay Village to Ship Bottom once I got Joey settled in to grab some beers at Ship Bottom Brewing to take home. We had dinner reservations at 5 for The Beach House with Joe's dad and his wife. I was a little nervous since this was a nicer dining place and wasn't sure if Joey would cooperate. But he did great! He actually sat in the booth seat with Joe and I and ate almost his whole grilled cheese and fries. After dinner, we took a ride to the other side of the island to go the Barnaget Lighthouse. This place is so special to Joe and I since we got engaged there. You can read more about it here

Sunday morning, Joe ran to the bagel place next door to our motel, and I packed up our suitcases while Joey watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We loaded up the car, checked out and headed to the Local to grab some goodies to take home with us and our much needed coffee and sweets fix.  I got the Chocolate Chip Cold Brew- My Favorite! 

Once we got home, Joey and Joe ran to my parents to pick up Charger and I began the process of unpacking- laundry. How can we accumulate so much for three people over three days!
It was such a great weekend, and I can't wait to plan our next getaway!

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