Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day is so different from Mother's Day don't ya think? Mother's Day this year we went out to a beautiful lunch and got dressed up and fancy. Father's Day this year we stayed at home in our bathing suits and cooked out. Next year I vote that as my Mother's Day because it was absolutely perfect! 

On Friday, at Joey's school; they hosted Donuts with Dad. Joey got to spend some time with Joe before he rushed off to work. Joey housed two whole donuts himself (after he already had breakfast at home) so was in a sugar coma the rest of the day. No lie- on his 'daily report' he took two different naps Friday for a combined almost 3 hours- which never happens! Joe gets out of work earlier then I do, so he picked Joey up from school and went to an early dinner with him and some of our friends. I already had plans to catch up over some drinks with a girlfriend after work. 

On Saturday, I left it up to Joe what he wanted to do. Our first stop was breakfast at one of our favorites in town. After breakfast we went to Joe's favorite store- Bed Bath and Beyond. Joey is in a huge 'book stage' right now, which I am not complaining about at all! He loves grabbing books, bringing them over to you and sitting in your lap while you read it nine times in a row.. So we promised him we would go get more books for him to read (not like he doesn't have two baskets filled already or anything like that!!!) We walked next door to Barnes and Nobles and let him loose in the kids section. They were having a reading of some Father's Day books, but Joey was more interested in the train set table. After playing a little, checking out the toy section and taking almost every book he could reach off the shelves, we picked out four new books! We then took a ride to another favorite of our Lowe's! Joey had fallen asleep by then so I sat in the car with him while Joe picked up some stuff we needed. We then took a trip down to the Steel Stacks where they were having a special event with Grand Prix race cars. We walked around a little bit to check it out but decided to go to the National Museum of Industrial History which is also located on the same property. Joey loved looking at all the big machines, but by far his favorite part was pushing the interactive buttons.  A little later that day we met up with friends a new local brewery called Birth Right Brewing.  Joe loved the food, especially the brick oven pizza and so did Joey!

On Sunday, we started Father's Day by walking a few blocks to another one of our favorite breakfast spots.  After we finished we walked back home and got in the car to run a few errands. A car wash, Starbucks run, a trip to the farmers market and drove around a little to look at homes.. we were ready to head home. When we got home we inflated Joey's pool, which I thought was A LOT bigger then it was (I really need to read all the specs and reviews!). But Joey loved it and played most of the day in it and with his water table. Joe opened his gifts from Joey and Charger. They got him a new Under Armor golf polo and the most adorable book that was custom to him, Joey and Charger! My parents and brother came over in the afternoon and we cooked out on the grill. We all had so much fun and sun then Joey went to bed by 5:30pm and after cleaning up Joe and I crashed on the sofa as well. 

I think Joe would agree it was such a fun weekend spent with our little family. Love these summer weekends with no plans!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend as well!

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