Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Joey's Toddler Room

When we moved into our home in March, Joey's was one of the first rooms we set up, however, the decorating and organizing took a little longer. When we moved he was still in the crib and we were only thinking about transitioning him to his convertible toddler bed. Fast forward a few months and we found out we were pregnant with baby #2. We debating turning Joey's crib into the toddler bed, or just giving that one to the baby and purchasing a new one. We finally decided the toddler bed would be a waste since he would grow out of it in a few years, and preferred to just invest in a full size bed.  Joey has been in his bed for a few months now and is doing so great, and this past weekend I finally hung up some decorations and organized his stuff. He still in in diapers, so we do still use the changing table that is what will be the babies room, so most of his clothes are in that room.  I tried to keep the making holes in the walls to a minimum, because I intend to move his bed to the center of the room once maybe in the next year or so, when I can take off the toddler rails. But for now, I'm happy with how it turned out though.

I tried to link most things, but if you have a question on something you don't see, just comment below!

Bed & Trundle | Pottery Barn Kids
Desk & Chairs | Pottery Barn Kids
Dresser | Old (mine when I was a teenager)
End Table | Old Walmart (Similar)
Comforter | Target
Sheet Set | Target
J Pillow Sham | Pottery Barn Kids
Fire Truck Pillow | Target
Fleece Blanket | Kohl's (older)
Car Prints | Etsy
Rug | Target
Stool | old (Joe's as a kid!)
Mit Clock | Hobby Lobby
Pitcher Statue | Hobby Lobby
Anywhere Chair | Pottery Barn
Shelf | Hobby Lobby
Baseball Frame | Hobby Lobby
Yankees Pennant | Vintage Find
Little Dude Sign | Hobby Lobby
Blackout Curtains | Target
Hooks | Hobby Lobby
Blanket Basket | Home Goods
Baseball Bat Side Table | Hobby Lobby

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