Monday, October 7, 2019

You've Been Boo'd | Halloween 2019

Have you heard of Boo-ing your neighbors?? Not booing as in a bad thing, more like 'boo' in ghost! Last year, I did a smaller version of this with my neighbors, however, we were in the old house, and I really didn't talk to them that much. It never carried on, and it ended with me giving out the basket of goodies to them. 

This year though, I just love our neighborhood. We are friendly with our neighbors and most of them have small children so it makes it that more fun! We decided to 'boo' three of our neighbors to start the tradition and hopefully they carry it on!

All of the fun Halloween stuff I was able to find in Dollar Spot at Target, including the buckets. 

Boo-ing Your Kids Teachers:

I thought it would be fun to also give some fun things to Joey's teachers. since they do so much for our little ghost! I picked up some fun things for them such as some gummy candies, window clings and each of them a cute plastic wine glass (or juice.. whatever!!).

If you want to get in on this fun, check out the signs below and head to pick up some fun Halloween treats for your neighbors and make sure to have fun with it!!
Download your own sign HERE

Download your own HERE
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