Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Maternity Clothes Favorites for Petite Working Mama's | Part 2

A few week's ago, I shared some favorites Maternity clothes to wear for petite mama's. You can check it out here! Today, I am sharing some more favorites that I have found and ordered, including the best jeans for those preggo's who LOVE the front tuck style!
1. Jeans | Asos
2. V neck Blouse | H&M
3. Henley | Amazon
4. Navy Skinny Pants | H&M
5. Pencil Skirt | Asos
6. Woven Trousers | Asos
7. Leopard Cardigan | Amazon
8. Faux Leather Leggings | Nordstrom
These jeans in #1 are the best I've found for this reason.. I am a HUGE fan of the front tuck of shirts. I just think it makes an outfit look clean and more put together, however with the bump, I've either been wearing pants with the good ole rubber band trick or with the maternity band. Until I found these jeans! They have the maternity band that goes up over your bump, BUT also has alittle extra material not shown shut to the band that you can tuck your shirts into and still not have the band show! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! 
The henley and the leopard cardigan from amazon are both not maternity, but work so well with the bump. And the faux leather spanx work so well under the bump. I plan on wearing them alot with over the knee boots and sweaters, especially during the holiday seasons!
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