Friday, August 18, 2017

Home Tour | Bedroom

We have lived in our house for two whole years. We have done a lot in our home since we first moved in, however one room we never changed is our bedroom. See that blue wall color, yeah that was here since day one. The previous owners had just painted it before we moved in and the color was not horrible. Actually it kinda went with our furniture and accents colors. Plus, it was one less thing we had to do in our ever growing list of house updates.  

I never gave a tour of our bedroom, because I never felt like it was finished. There still are some things that need to be moved around in here but I am at a happy place with it right now. 

These two helped me put on clean sheets and made the bed. They are just so inviting it makes me want to curl up there with them!  Also,  until writing this post I never noticed the piece of clothing hanging out of the night stand. #reallife 

 I finally printed out some of our wedding photos and hung them in our bedroom. I just love black and white photos. Some of my favorites are candids that aren't staged. These are two of my absolute favorite. The one on the left I can remember my telling Joe how I couldn't wait to take the wedding shoes off and the one on the left we were laughing because the photographer wanted us to touch foreheads and stare at each other and when we did both our heads were sweating since it was so humid!
 The books piled here are actually from the Thrift Store that I purchased for $.50 each! I wrapped them in kraft paper and tied them up in some twine.

Bed Frame | Ikea (old)- similar
Bedding | Home Goods
Smaller Pillows | Home Goods
White Throw Pillow | Pottery Barn
Night Stand | Ikea
Taller Dresser | Ikea
Wide Dresser | Ikea
Lamps | Wal Mart
Clock | Target (similar)
Candle | Home Goods
Books | DIY
Plant | Ikea
Wooden Sayings | Hobby Lobby
Grey Frames | Kohls
Taper Holders | Pottery Barn
Pillar Holder | Pottery Barn
White Frames | Home Goods
Bracelet Holder | Home Goods
Vanity & Stool | Vintage
Mirror | Hobby Lobby (similar)
anything that is not linked, just ask!
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