Monday, February 8, 2021

Our Little Meatball Theme First Birthday Party

Vinny turned one in January and even with COVID we still were able to throw him a small party. We held it at our cousin's Pizza/ Italian Restaurant. Total there were 20 people in attendance and everyone except his god parents were all relatives! I would have loved to throw him a big bash like we did when Joey turned 1

We went with the theme of Our Little Meatball because that's what we had called him since he was born. It also didn't hurt that his favorite meal is meatballs! We are both Italian too so we thought it was the perfect theme for his party. 

Decorations: All decorations I either made or purchased on Amazon. The custom V.I.N.N.Y letters I made by either painting them or with scrapbook paper and then glued onto the letter. I put Italian flag temporary tattoo's on the tables and pictures of Vinny in little holders. 

Favors: For favors Joe and I made our own homemade limoncello. I purchased the 8oz bottles from various Hobby Lobby's and created labels and tied on some ribbon. Because let's be honest- a first year birthday party is more for the parents anyway, and there were only two other kids at the party!!

Invitations: I created the invites, and they will be up in the shop soon!

Cake: Buttercups Bake Shoppe This cake was amazing! I wanted to do little meatballs without it looking like, well you know what it could have looked like! lol.. But they did amazing with it! My mom made the homemade ricotta cookies and the restaurant made the cannoli's.

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