Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Joseph Michael.. Four Month Update

We blinked and our little man turned four months! These months are just flying by now!

Four Months: August 8, 2017
Weight:  16.2lbs
Height:  26 1/4 inches
Diet:  formula with cereal mixed in 
Sleeping:  Through the whole night!!! but no naps during the day
Clothing Size:  Mostly 9 months 
Diaper Size: Size 2's until we finish the opened box

Joey can roll over and is trying to sit up by himself. He loves belly laughing at his fur brother Charger and gets cranky if not in bed by 8pm! (What a Diva). He loves watching baseball and fixer upper and talks to the TV when they are on! He's in nine month clothes and the 90th percentile for his height!!
We love him more every day, and can't imagine our lives without him!
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