Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Little Blue Truck | Trunk or Treat 2019

I was so excited last Halloween seeing all the parents decorate their cars for Trunk or Treat and said I'm so gonna go all out next year. Flash forward to this year, I completely forgot about Trunk or Treat until Sunday when I found a paper stuffed in a drawer detailing the specifics. In defense, I have a lot going on right now!! Anyway, I got to planning. First step of course was pulling up Pinterest, but I wasn't feeling the creative spark. So next, I went to Joey's Halloween Book Nook to see what inspiration I could find. It was a toss up between the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Little Blue Truck's Halloween. For the Great Pumpkin, I was thinking about doing the scene from the pumpkin patch and the kids trick or treating. However, I didn't have chicken wire on hand and wasn't about to fiddle with that non sense of making fake ghosts. HA. So I opted for Little Blue Truck's Halloween. 
I knew I wanted to make a cut out of Little Blue so this way the kids could take a picture with it. So, now I needed to find cardboard big enough and how to execute it! 

Halloween in PA was filled with severe storms, so our school actually pushed back our Trunk of Treat to Friday afternoon. It was still sooo windy though, and some of my props wouldn't cooperate. 

I had taken pretty clear pictures of alll the dressed up characters in the book. Thankfully at work, we have a large scale printer that I was able to edit them and print. If you don't have access to this though, you can always send your prints to a Staples or Kinkos! Since they were printed on regular paper, I knew I had to make them stand. Using glue stick I glued card stock to the back of the image, and then cut them out. I realized I could have used my Cameo to prolly cut this out, but I wanted them in large format- and on a budget!

I cut all the characters out and hot glued large skewers we had left over from the Summer that we used for smores. To hold the characters, I got a bale of hay from a local farm. When I imagined it, they were a lot more spaced out- but due to the wind I had to group them pretty close.

I also picked up some sunflower and pumpkin picks from Hobby Lobby to add to the hay bale. I printed out the quotes from the book of what each character said when they revealed their costumes!

Again, due to the high winds, Little Blues 'Ghost' costume wasn't working out. But I had gotten a white table cloth from the Dollar Store, and cut his big googly eyes out with the caption from the book. However, I ended up tying his 'costume' to the latch on the trunk to try and get him to stand!

Either way, the kids loved it! We got so many compliments on it! The biggest one came from my own little Spooky Ghost!!

Little Blue Truck Cut Out:

Supplies Needed:

4' x 4' cardboard
Blue, White and Black Acrylic Paint 
Paint Brushes
Thin Sharpie
Googly Eyes
Sharpe Knife or Blade 


To make life easier, and I don't have the steadiest hand- I used an image I pulled from Google Images and showed it up on the projector to trace it. I then painted the truck using the image. I also, but the color codes on the cardboard while tracing the truck out. 

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