Thursday, December 5, 2013

H&M Home

I may be a little late jumping on this train.. or it may be new to some of you also?? Have you checked out H&M's home line?? I did.. and boy did I fill up my online shopping cart quick! The stuff is so chic and at a great price!!
Cushion Covers for $6.00 and up
Table Clothes for $9.00 and up
Duvet Covers for $15.00 and up!!!

It's amazing.. here is just a glimpse of what they offer!! All items can be found here
Candle Stick- $9.95
Cushion Cover- $5.95
Blanket- $34.95
Pillow Case Cover- $5.95

Storage Basket- $12.95
Twin Duvet Cover- $29.95

So have you checked it out yet??! What do you plan on buying?

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