Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Wreath

As I ponder through the aisles at Target looking for new holiday decor, I keep walking past this damn wreath! It's no ordinary wreath, as you see it is actually battery operated so that is one less plug you need to worry about in your creation of outside decorations! It just looked so blah to me though!! It comes strung with lights.. but when I think of holiday wreaths I think reds, bows, berries!! For the sale price of only $15.00 I can make this work!
I purchased the wreath from Target, the red leopard print ribbon from Hobby Lobby, & the burlap bow from Target's dollar section!

Start by wrapping the end of the ribbon at the area you will cover with the bow.  On this wreath the wire was pulled taunt so I was able to wrap it around the back of the wire without having to pin or staple it! Decide how wide you want to wrap the ribbon.  I chose to only go around a few times, still leaving the green's to be seen since it's pre-lit! Finish by cutting the ribbon where you started and attaching it by pinning to the start of the ribbon or tucking it under.  If you will be using this as outside decoration, I would suggest pinning or stapling, so it can stand the elements.  The bow I purchased had ties on the back in order to attach it to the wreath.  If your's does not, or you hand make it, simply attach green ribbon or string to the bow and tie were you would like it positioned. 

This is my final product! I still need to add my batteries and hang it outside, but at least that's one thing checked off my list!!


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