Friday, December 6, 2013

Fun Four Friday

This week is dragging on but Friday is finally here.  I love to have shortened weeks, but it makes the weeks leading up and after them seem to be forever!
1. Glad I got to spend the whole weekend with my family. Especially happy I got to spend quality time with this little lady, Milana.  Even though I make comments on her size, and sometimes lack of sense.. I do miss her when I am not home.  We even got to snuggle on Saturday night!!

2. I got my hair cut!!! The stylist told me she took 5 inches off, but for the most part my hair is very healthy! Which is very surprising to me with all the stress i put on it!

3. Got (most) of my Christmas shopping done!! Still have to get things for a few family members, but am happy to say more then 1/2 way done! GO ME!!!
4. Was on the hunt for a small Christmas tree for me little apartment.  I wanted to cut one down from a farm, but was told they don't sell them that small because they are 'reserved' to be sold for next year! ughh.. Thankfully Wegman's had just the right size! I only had two ornaments for it.. and are just a little too big.. Will be purchasing smaller ones this weekend!!

What are your Friday Happenings?

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