Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Recap- Monday Blues

Hello lovies! I hope you all had a blessed weekend with Family & Friends! I know I sure did! I enjoyed being able to sleep in past 8am on Thanksgiving and again on Saturday! It was a jam packed weekend, but was fun and enjoyable also.

Wednesday dragged on.  There were only three people in the office and nothing i repeat NOTHING to do!! Thankfully a little light reading and some Starbucks helped with the boredom!


Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Lafayette House in Lafayette NJ.  It was a buffet so no one had to cook this year! It was my kind of dinner too.. I had NO turkey instead pasta, salmon, chicken, and salad! Oh and I almost forgot to mention the cheesecake!!!

Thursday night into Friday morning, my mom and I spent shopping! I am ashamed to say I may have purchased more for myself then Christmas gifts! YIKES! but who could pass up the old navy 50% off sale!!! Anywho.. went back to my roots and worked at American Eagle all day Friday.  Decided to treat myself to a little cut and color Saturday morning.  My stylist said she took off 5inches!! WOW I think I lost 5 lbs!!!

My creation at my parents house that I decorated.  My dad kept calling me his interior decorator.. maybe not, but I do love decorating anything and everything!!

Onto tree number 2.. at Joe's house.. Since his apartment is bigger then mine, we decided to put the tree there with all the decorations.  

These are some of my favorite ornaments! Beer Stein & Nail Polish (from Target) & a leopard print ball (from Hobby Lobby)

I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as I did with my family! It does feel good to be back in my apartment though.  BUT why does Monday have to come soooo soon!!!

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