Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Monthly Rewind | July 2022

 Summer always flies by, yet winter (aka January- February) is so slow moving. 

I can't believe we are almost through the Summer, and now preparing to get ready to send Joey off to Kindergarten. 

So let's rewind the month of July and see what we have been up to..

For the 4th of July weekend, we were BUSY.  On the Friday before, I took the day off work to hang out with Joey. We started with our first pop up of the weekend at Barre3 for my shop . He was such a big help! After we finished, we were going to go to Crayola Factory, but he voted against once he found out I had to run into the office, and his friend Killian was there. So they opted to play together for the rest of the day. That night, we went over our neighbors house for a Happy Hour.

Saturday morning I had another pop up at a different Barre3 studio, and again I did so well! Joe had to work in the morning, so we had our baby sitter watch the boys. It was nice, because I didn't have to rush back home since she was there playing with them and I was able to take my time and unload my car with all the clothes. On Sunday, like usual we had our friends and neighbors over for a party. The kids all had such a fun time in the pool and the adults hung mostly under the patio and the lawn. Once it started to get dark, per our 'new tradition' Joe lit off small fireworks for everyone.  On actually fourth of July, we watched all the fireworks in our backyard from the pool and it was such a great night. 

The following weekend, I had no real plans and it was perfect, because we all needed a slow down. In the morning, Joe had a softball tournament so I took the boys with me and we ran some errands. I had some returns to do, so we went to the Promenade shops and the boys loved the fountain. I can't remember the last time they were there! Of course no trip would be complete with out Starbucks and cake pops. Luckily they didn't give me too much of a had time when they saw the water fun which is located right outside the Starbucks. We did some shopping and by time we headed home, Joe was also home from his tournament. We caught a late lunch / early dinner at Richmond Farm and Brewery. The food was so yummy and we always have a good time. Sunday, Joey had a birthday party at the trampoline park in the morning. 

The next weekend, we had some friends over Saturday to cook out and go in the pool. We have had such a busy summer that it was nice to relax with friends in the pool. On Sunday we had some of Joe's family over for another cook out and pool time. 

The following weekend we worked at the annual carnival- The Big Time. Like tradition we got our cousins to work and we made over 700 funnel cakes in the four nights. Which compared to other years, wasn't that many.  

July came and went and we will the Summer days and nights!

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