Saturday, September 10, 2022

End of Summer 2022

 Summer flew by.. like always. Since it was the last Summer before Joey started real school, we decided after his graduation to pull him. We pretty much spent the Summer with my parents. He was at their house Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's. Every other Wednesday my mom would bring both boys to the library program in the next town for their Summer activities. On Thursday's my mom would be the teacher at the library program in their town, so Joey would be in all his glory as her helper with the younger kids. Friday's my friend Patti would watch him since she had her grand daughter too and they practically grew up together. On Tuesday's I would be off or would work from home with him when I had something pressing. 

I tried on Tuesday's to do something fun and always end back in the pool at the end of the day. I wanted those days Joey to remember and look back on those times of it being him and I. 

Our last day of Summer celebration was filled with all his favorite things. The best Christmas gift I got the family was our Zoo membership. We used it so many times in Summer, it paid for itself. We finished out Summer with a trip to the Zoo in the morning.

After we left we headed to the mall to make a Build a Bear. Joey chose a Darth Vador bear, because we started watching Star Wars lego movies at the end of Summer. 

We got chick fil a for lunch and actually sat inside to enjoy it. 

We finished off our day by going to the park and hanging out there for awhile before picking up Vinny from preschool.

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