Thursday, September 1, 2022

Mini Getaway to Hershey PA

 I can remember growing up, my parents would take my brothers and I to Hershey Park for a long weekend and I can still picture the characters and the smell of the chocolate factory. It was some of our fondest memories of my childhood 

My mom and I took the boys this Summer right before Joey started school. We decided to book a hotel room, so that we could get a whole days experience in. We stayed at the Hotel Hershey- which is right across the street from the park and allows you to use the shuttle to get to the park. 

We left right after work and it is about an hour and a half away from our house.  Unfortunately, when we got there, most of the restaurants in the hotel and in town were closed or were closing due to short staff.. which was such a disappointment. I had promised the boys ice cream at the shop in the hotel. So plan B. We checked in, and I grabbed us some small bites from the grab and go in the hotel lobby. We then surprised the boys and ordered ice cream and Hershey's cake as room service (and a large glass of wine for mama!!). They were so excited to be able to eat in the bed!

The next morning we order room service again, because mom fail I didn't make a reservations and realized the only restaurant open for breakfast in the hotel had a dress code. Honestly, in my opinion, the hotel stay was not the best experience. When you come with kids in prime Summer you would think it would have more accommodating hours and rules.. but whatever- we made the best of it!

After we had breakfast and got ready we checked out and headed to the park an hour early before it was open to the public- which was so nice! It's so funny because the families with older kids all rushed to the roller coasters while we leisurely walked to get drinks and to line up for the kiddie rides.

and this was the point of the day that Vinny refused to walk, get in the stroller or move until we got cotton candy.. 

It was such a fun trip, I would love to keep doing it annually!

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