Thursday, August 5, 2021

Summer 2021 Update

 I want to first apologize for giving my blog not the attention I would like. Right now the balance of working full time in the office, schedules of the boys, my online boutique and Summer, of course this is the space that gets no attention! But I wanted to pop in and give you an update on our Summer so far!  

This weekend we have ZERO plans and I am so excited to clean (never thought I would say that!) hang with Joe and the kids and swim in the pool. We have not had a weekend free all month- so this is going to be so nice!


Memorial Day came and went. It was a cold Memorial Day weekend. We initially had plans to have a party Sunday for friends and family, but with the impending forecast, we decided to push it back to Monday. Like every Memorial Day for the past few years, the boys and I went up to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried for the Memorial Day ceremony. Joey loves when the local Legion does the gun salute. I can remember as a kid, going to search for the shells after the ceremony! Once it was finished we headed back home to have friends over. I hated that the next day was a work day though, so we weren't all able to hang out too late.


On June 4 Joe and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! I can't believe our wedding was 5 years ago! So much has happened in five years.. Two houses, two kids, new cars, job promotions, new opportunities, losses but yet sooooo many happy memories! it's crazy to think about.. We went back to where we had our wedding reception- Hotel Bethlehem for dinner and Joey's pre-school teacher baby sat for us. It was the fist time someone other family watched this kids for us. They had so much fun, we will definitely be using her again!

The baseball season wrapped up for Joey and since Joe was the head coach we decided to do the end of the year party for all the boys at our house. We are super proud of Joey for sticking it out all season (he was the youngest on the team) and even asked to play again in the Fall!

Another exciting thing happened in June.. my mother in law closed on her house just a block away and officially moved in! It is so nice having someone walking distance to help with the boys. I am so so grateful we have my parents, but they are 30 minutes away. We are now getting spoiled being able to call her to come watch the boys or dropping them off when we need to run quick errands! 

We all attended the local food truck festival and ate way to much trying something from each one and Joe started his softball league, so I brought the boys to one of his games and we tailgated in the back of the car with McDonald's!

Joe and I attended a friend from College's wedding that was postponed from last year and it was fun to get together with everyone for an adult weekend and we visited the Easton Farm's Market- the fresh smoothies were a big hit!

July.. was busy!

We had threw a gender reveal party for our best friends from college. This was kinda bittersweet because they are moving in a few weeks to Myrtle Beach for work purposes. We've lived six houses apart for the last two on top of being friends for so long. 

We decided to do our annual Fourth of July party on Sunday and had friends and neighbors over for it. Joe and I both had off on Monday to observe the holiday, so we brought the boys up to my parents so that we could get things around the house done. We are in the process of completing our basement, so we moved a bunch of stuff back down to the basement that was in the garage. 

The following Saturday we celebrated our friends son's 3rd birthday early with a construction theme party at their house. It was their last weekend in the house so we stayed up late, laughed, cried, and talked about future plans to visit them! Sunday, we had our neighbors 5th Birthday party at a gymnastics center. Joey had so much fun. It was his first birthday party with just kids (parents stayed during the party, but didn't participate) and he felt like such a big kid! After the party, we hurried off to the ball park by my parents house for a cousin of mine graduation party from High School. There were a bunch of high schools playing basketball on the courts, and Joey being the youngest there went right over and started playing with them. It warmed my heart seeing some of the older kids taking the time to play with him. When we got home, Joe had already started cooking for our big 'family dinner' we planned for our friends that were moving. We made meatballs, sausage, pasta, garlic bread, salads and a good red wine! It was the perfect farewell dinner. 

We also took our annual Long Beach Island trip, which you can read about here.

The Big Time was held again this year, however it look different, because we did not do the funnel cake stand. Joe and I had a wedding on Friday & Saturday and we couldn't find any volunteers to work the stand for us. Instead of allowing us to open on Wednesday & Thursday, the committee made the decision to not open it at all- which we were bummed about. 

You can read about our previous years here: 20162018, 2019

Like I said before, Joe and I went to Massachusetts for a wedding of Joe's friend from High School. One the way there we stopped at Tree House Brewing.  It was about another hour and a half away from there still. When we got to the hotel, we had to quickly get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Saturday was the wedding and Joe had things to do during the day with the other groomsman. Even though all the girls said we would make plans, we all had decided to just do nothing and take the time to just lounge around sans kids and husbands! The shuttle took us to the venue and the views were stunning! It was on top of a mountain and overlooked miles and miles of trees. It was a beautiful wedding and weekend! 

Jumpsuit | Lilly Pulitzer
Earrings | Stella & Dot 

Summer please slow down!!

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