Monday, July 29, 2019

Funnel Cake Stand | 2019

Once again, we worked our booties off in the funnel cake stand. This year, they decided to not do fried oreos, so we just focused on making and selling funnel cakes. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. Especially coming off a weekend of a heat wave and 100 degree temps. 

Wednesday night working was myself and my cousin Jenn at the front with my cousin Nick and Joe working the fryer. My parents brought up Joey, however he was in a 'big kid' mood and wanted to run around and go on all the big rides (like the spaceship ride and the sizzler), which he obviously couldn't do, so they ended up walking back home early. 

Thursday night working was myself, my friend Kati, and my cousins Alexa, Jennifer and Jill. Joe has a softball game for his summer league, so he was unable to help. When my parents came up with Joey, to our surprise Alexa asked Joey to be a ring bearer in her wedding next October!! I was so excited she thought of him to ask!

Friday night, I let Joe handle the duties and I took Joey around to play some games and possibly go on some rides. He was interested in the rides, but didn't ride them. We did however win this inflatable Michelangelo from the duck picking game and got to hang out with Uncle DiDi.

After, Joey went home with my parents, I stayed to help a little and then clean up. While we were cleaning up, our favorite author (who is also from our town, Roseto) Adriana Trigiani stopped by!!! We fan girled way too much! But she was so nice and kept thanking us for our volunteer service to the church!

Saturday, we opened a little later in the night, because we had a party to attend. Once opened we were busy and did not stop! We ended up selling out of batter around 10pm. Instead of staying around for the fireworks, I headed home. It was a longggg weekend standing and I was beat. 

It was a good weekend, and I am so happy I get to hang out with family and friends during this time!

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