Monday, July 30, 2018

Funnel Cake Stand | 2018

So, the 2018 Big Time has come and gone! This was our third year running the funnel cake stand. If you don't remember from this post, Joe and I took over the funnel cake stand at our huge Italian Church festival called the Big Time. The Big Time is the largest event that happens in my hometown and you can all about the Crowning of the Queen of The Big Time in this book! (ps. I was the Queen in 2006!!!!). Anyway, we took over when the gentleman that had run the stand for over 20 years, physically couldn't do it anymore. Over the past three years, we've actually have had so much fun in the stand. I get all my cousins and some friends to work over the four nights and we share so many stories and laugh and overall have a great time- besides the heat, the smelling of oil and the actual making of the funnel cakes- but that's here nor there! 
Last year, I never wrote about our experience, because honestly, I feel as though last Summer was a blur. With a brand new baby and balancing all that, I was just trying to stay a float. But we did introduce fried oreo's back to the stand and they are such a hit! Sometimes we actually sell out, that's how popular they are. 
Our Thursday night crew!

This year Wednesday night it was spotty showers, but people still came. Rain gear and golf umbrella's on, they poured in (pun intended!!) to get their italian food, beer and funnel cakes of course! Thursday night we were a man down as Joe has a softball game so thankfully our friend Zack filled in on the oreo fryer! It was beautiful weather so we were very steady all night.

My parents brought Joey up to walk around and enjoy all the food- and boy did he enjoy it all. 

Friday night it was storming so early we were busy until the thunder and lightening rolled in. 

Saturday night is always the biggest one! I skipped out on my funnel cake making in the beginning of the night to go hangout with some family and watch the crowning of the Queen. Joey had the most appropriate shirt on and the look below says it all.

This matching was not planned!
Jenn's Dress

Saturday night concluded with fireworks sponsored by the local fire company at midnight. And that's a wrap on the 2018 Big Time celebration.
Previous Years:
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