Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Skin Care Routine Lately

I am embarrassed to say, that just a few years ago, I literally did not care about my face at all. In the last two years I would say, is when I really started purchasing face products to try and get in more of a regiment. 

1. Brush

I used to go to bed almost every night without washing my face, but now I look forward to it and know that it is not only getting clean, but the brush is being sanitized after each wash!

2.Vitamin C Drops

My neighbor/friend introduced me to these drops and I love them. The first thing I do is put two drops of this oil on my face before I start getting ready for the day! With the freckles, it definitely has been helping to make my complexion brighter!

3.Face Moisturizer

I needed a new moisturizer and stumbled across this one on Sephora. I have no cons and does not make my face feel greasy. I don't use everyday, only with my tanning drops usually. With Summer coming, I definitely start using moisturizer more though.

4.Retinol Cream

I am officially at that age where it's time to start caring about my fine lines. I have noticed them on my forehead lately (even though everyone says they don't) so I purchased retinol cream to get some elasticity back into my forehead! I do not use it everyday, only twice a week.

5.Mandelic Acid 10%

Because of those said fine lines, my girlfriend told me her dermatologist introduced her to this oil for fine lines and also pigmentation and dark spots. I gave it a try and actually liked that my skin peeled, meaning it's working. I wasn't like a sun burn peel though, just enough to get all the dead skin off. The layer that is underneath feels so much healthier now. 

6.Tanning Drops

About once a week, I will put one or two drops (depending how dark I wanna get) mixed with my moisturizer onto my face. I usually put a dollop of moisturizer on my hand and then the drops ontop and mix together before putting on my face. I then wash my tops and bottoms of my hands to get the excess off. 

7. Azelaic Acid

I've been using this since last Summer. I get darker coloring on my upper lip and sometimes around my nose in the summer, so this helps to balance it. I typically use every other night. 

8. Virgin Marula Luxury Oil

I put this on every night. It does not leave my skin greasy at all and I wake up feeling so hydrated and soft. I think if I had to give up all other products and keep one- this would be it!

What routines do you have that you love and use consistently?

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