Thursday, April 8, 2021

Joey's Fourth Birthday

I can not believe my baby boy is FOUR years old!!! How the heck did that happen!!

We didn't do anything extravagant since it was a Thursday. Joey had school followed by t-ball practice, but here are the highlights!

I was really excited for Joey to wake up to his gifts in the am. Of course every other day he would wake up at 6am, but on his birthday, he slept in until 7:15 and that was only because we woke him up! Our ritual, since he turned one, was to wake the boys up with balloons in their room.  

Once he was awake, we headed downstairs and I had his gifts ready for him. 

He got a new 'blue thing' aka Amazon Kindle so that his old one can go to Vinny, some puzzles and flash cards, a spiderman costume, and of course lego's. His bigger gift this year was a DIY Superhero Lair that I made for him. During christmas, he wanted about house for his superhero's to live in, so I thought this would be perfect!

Joe brought Vinny up to my parents early, since I had a lot to do today. So we got to spend more time together in the morning before school. Once we got dressed, he begged to wear his batman costume that we got him for his superhero themed party on Saturday. So, he settled on his Captain America Sweatshirt and 'J' cape. For his friends at school he brought in these super cute superhero lollipops to give out. 
Mask- Disney Store (no longer online)

His teacher sent me this picture of him on the playground. They also sent me the cutest video of his class singing to him!

I had left work early to go surprise Joey at school during pick ups. We ran home quick to change outfits and back out the door we went to Tball practice. He gave his team mates the same lollipops to take home! After practice we headed home for cake!

My parents brought Vinny home and our neighbors came over from across the street aka 'his girls'. We all had cake and hung out and before we knew it, it was super late! Bath time and then Joey crashed real hard! 

I think he had a great birthday- before bed he told me it was the best day!! 

Stay little little man!!

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