Friday, April 2, 2021

Five for Friday


Earlier this week I did a round up of recent Spring items I purchased from Walmart. If you didn't catch it, you can check it out here. It has me really looking forward to it warming up and staying warm. We have a really cold day today- high's of 30's, but this weekend it should be 50's-60's. Which is perfect, because I have some more projects around the outside that I didn't get to last weekend.


Speaking of my projects last weekend, I painted the front porch and walkway. When we moved in, the previous owners had stained or painted them a rustish color, which I will never understand why, since it didn't match anything. Anyway, early Saturday morning I made a Lowe's trip to grab all my supplies. I went with this concrete anti skid paint and had it tinted to the most natural concrete color I could find. It went on so easy, and dried super quick! I did end up doing two coats, since it was a dark color I didn't want the red to show through. I love the way it came out, and it just makes it look so much better!


Joey is starting to play with little lego's that were Joe's when he was little, instead of the duplo ones. But we have to be very careful that Vinny doesn't get to them. For weeks they were scattered all over our dining room table, until I could find something big enough to put them all in. I picked these bins up on a drive up order the other day. I love that they are stackable too!


I picked up this lotion on my last Sephora order and used it this week when I decided to break out a dress. I clearly have NO color so this brought my legs to life! It is wash off, so you can apply it just for the day or if you got marks and spots in Summer. 


Pictures from day care/ preschool make me so happy throughout the day! Joey packs his lunch on Thursday's so I found these cute napkin notes in the Target Dollar Spot and include them in his lunch box! Vinny is doing so well since starting school in January that I may be starting him an extra day in May!

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