Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine's Day Weekend 2021

This year Valentine's Day landed on a Sunday, which was nice to be able to spend the day with my little loves. It's back to reality though, since tomorrow they are calling for an ice storm with most likely will close all schools and (fingers crossed it doesn't happen) knock out power. This is of course on top of the three feet of snow we had two weeks ago and by the end of the week we are due to get more. So yeah.. stressed and ready for Spring is an understatement.

Anyway, back to our weekend..

Joey was so excited to go to school, since they would be doing Valentine's Day activities and would get to hand out their Valentine's to their friends. This year, due to COVID, they were only allowed to bring in paper valentine's (even though some families clearly don't like to comply) so we went with Super Man ones that you can fold into paper airplanes. Joey is very into super hero's right now! 

While at work, I got a delivery of pink tulips from Joe- which totally made my day, since I have been stressed over work load and other things lately! I couldn't wait to get home to see my boys and get our weekend started. I have been promising Joey all week we would do a fondue night with cheese and chocolate and he was so excited. When I arrived home, Joey told me all about his day and couldn't wait to start ripping open his Valentine's. For dinner, we decided just to make a bunch of appetizers we had already. Joey put on a concert for us singing into his inherited from our neighbors microphone while Vinny danced. (you might have caught it on my insta stories!) We watched a movie and hung out as a family before bed times.

Joey had sports class in the morning, so we had breakfast and got him ready. I had a hair appointment as well so my parents came over to hang out with Vinny, since he couldn't come with either of us due to COVID precautions. Joe and Joey ran their errands after his class and I got home from my hair appointment. We spent the afternoon playing around the house with the boys. My mother in law came to stay with us the night and we had our fondue night.

I had scheduled my mother in law and I nail appointments first thing in the am for a Valentine's Day treat with my nail girl! It was so nice! She made it special with champagne, wine, and chocolate covered strawberries and a personal charcuterie board. I got a subtle green and my mother in law went with a sheer pink. When we went to pay we were pleasantly surprised that Joe had already covered the cost!  Before going home we picked up breakfast sandwiches for us all. 

Later in the day, we decided to have our 'quarenTEAM' over aka our neighbors, for a little Daytona 500 Party. Joe has gotten really into NASCAR in the past year or so which started with him betting. Now, it has literally turned into a thing in our house and he got our friends into it now as well! It was fun, since we made some prop bets and a bunch of food. I even pulled out some of the decorations I had gotten from last year when Joey was suppose to have a racing party theme for his birthday- stupid COVID. We enjoyed it until there was a rain delay. We ended up switching channels to watch golf and the kids played. It was a fun day spent with friends. The kids loved playing music on the Google Hub and dancing in the kitchen.

As soon as everyone left and I cleaned up and put Vinny down for the night, Joey fell asleep while sitting on Joe watching a show. We put him into bed, and finally had some time to just be alone on Valentine's Day! With two kids and a busy schedule, that literally looks like us just sitting on the couch watching tv.. but hey! That works for us!!

All in all, it was a good relaxing Valentine's Day! Hope you spent it with the ones you love relaxing too! 

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