Thursday, February 18, 2021

Why I Don't Use Candles Anymore

I used to have a cabinet in our house filled with candles. This didn't include the ones I had in the kitchen, in the bathrooms and in our bedrooms. But ever since Joey became mobile three years ago, I hated lighting them, unless they were way up high in fears of him knocking it over and burning the house down. I had purchased a cheap diffuser and some oils just at the local pharmacies in the past, and HATED them. I thought the smells were too strong and it just was not the same 'smell' as a good candle.  When Joey got sick, one of my co-workers recommended trying oils in his bath to help him breathe better and also gave me Youngs Living Gentle Baby oil. I diffused it in his room over night and it was such a calming smell. The next day he was feeling so much better! I personally hate taking medicines - ever since I was a kid; so whenever I can get better naturally, I will try whatever it takes. I started to get oils just from friends or would purchase cheaper ones, until just this past Summer I took the leap and purchased a Young's Living starter kit and haven't looked back yet! 

I have the Aria in my kitchen. This one in particular is pricey, however this is the only diffuser that is out in the open for everyone to see and I loved the look. The wood matches the rest of the woodwork accents in the house, so I made the splurge. This current one goes in and out of stock, but the white base aria is available now! 

In each of the boys rooms, I have a diffuser. In Joey's I have the Little Oilers  diffuser, which is the cutest owl. It acts as a diffuser and nightlight which he loves! In Vinny's I have our oldie but goodie original diffuser which I'm not even sure where I got it from! In our bedroom on my night stand I have this diffuser from Target. It is so pretty and has a great output - which is very important with diffusers. The bigger the output (the steam which carries the scents) the more it will travel throughout the room and house. 

There are so many other ways to use oils besides just diffusing them. You can add oils to rollers and use them for sore muscles, tummy aches, cramps and overall well ness. I am very particular about what I put on my face, but I actually use frankincense and lavender on it- especially now with wearing masks often and break outs!

If you are interested in getting your own starter kit, you can check it out here! You can join my team and get special treats from me as well as so many DIY ideas for diffuser blends, rollers and much more! Make sure my enroller number (24830029) is in the box when you sign up.. And of course if you have any questions about anything associated with Youngs Living, just let me know in the comments or email me!

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