Monday, February 15, 2021

Ikea Favorite Purchases

Some people knock on the thought of having Ikea furniture or items in your house. I guess because of the stigma of a 'frat house with Ikea furniture' however, I am here to tell you, we love our Ikea pieces we have in our home! 

We have the Hemnes collection of dressers in our master bedroom. We've had them for 6 years, and they still look great. One of the drawers got a little messed up in our move two years ago, but other then that there is no issues we've experienced. 

I loved the look of the wood which matches our mantel so well. I like the matting around the gallery wall, but the thing I love the most about these frames, are they have plastic instead of glass. If you are a mom, you know this is a huge relief in case one would get hit with a ball, flying airplane, shoe.. or lord know what else!

We already have a table and chairs in the playroom, but we turned Vinny's jumper into a little table and figured we would get chairs to put at it, so the boys can both have their own to do activities at.

When we moved in the light in here was a 'boob light' or builder grade light. We thought this would match perfectly, since we have the black chandelier in the foyer.

This was our most recent project, and gets used to much! I keep all my sneakers and slip ons in the basket, since I still have all my nicer boots, and shoes in my closet. Joe keeps all his on the shoe racks and the boys keep theirs in the baskets so easy access. The bench cushion is very slim, but does the job for sitting to put your shoes on!

I love that these have the plastic insert already. For my monstera plant, I just slid it's original planter 
also grabbed these too and will get plants for them in the spring!

We've had this flatware for a while now. We actually just bought two more sets! We use them for holidays and they have held up really well even through the dishwasher! 

Some other items in our home:
Kallax Bookcase- I have this in our laundry room with these baskets to keep detergent and stain removers as well as some back stock. 

Hemnes Sink and Cabinet- in our old house we had this hemnes cabinet with the sink seen in the picture. It had so much space!

Do you have any ikea pieces in your home that you love?

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