Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Target Finds- Spring 2021

The target Spring line is so good right now. It might also be because we have all pretty much been cooped up in our houses for almost a year and are itching to 'breathe fresh air' - no pun intended!!! I know for me, I am just ready for some change so I decided to get some new items for the home and for spring! 

I personally purchased all these items and love them. I also just want to say, if you are ever having the urge to change up decor in your home, I highly suggest shopping your home. Sometimes just moving a certain item or taking something out of storage with give you the satisfaction you are looking for. I know how hard times are and some can not afford to purchase new items. But I always shop my home first before getting new items!

1. Weatherded Jug | I actually purchased both sizes of the jug and have them on my kitchen island right now. I have to pull out some faux eucalyptus I have tucked away in storage to see if I like them with it or as is.

2. Quilted Button up Jacket

3. Hurricane Candle Holder  I got two smaller ones and the large for our foyer table and put battery operated candles in them. It gives the perfect light in there every night and love the look of the glass and wood mixed

4. Paper Towel Holder | We had an old silver one that I can't even remember when I purchased. I wanna say we had that since our apartment life which was at least 6 years ago! It was time for a new one, and I love the marble base is heavy that it doesn't move when you pull a paper towel with one hand.

5.  Olive Tree | I still don't have a home for this olive tree, but I knew I had to grab it. The colors are so nice and it would fit perfectly in our home. 

6. Striped Long Sleeve Shirt | I am obsessed with all things striped so when I saw this long sleeve shirt I immediately threw it in my cart. The price point of $12 bucks is always good too. Be sure to check out the cartwheel section of the Target app, as there is always good deals going on there. 

7. Bunny Waffle Maker  | I ordered this online, since I didn't see it in my store, but I have the mini waffle maker and it is so easy to make waffles for the boys. We use it for cookies, cinnamon buns and Cresant rolls- if you know you know!! I thought the bunny was really cute and plan on using it for even after Easter. 

Have you purchased anything from Target? I have my eye on other things, but I don't want to pull the trigger on anything else at the moment! 

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