Wednesday, February 24, 2021

House Tour | Playroom

 Ahhh the Playroom. The one place in the house, that even though everything (or almost everything) is put away and into their 'homes' it still looks messy. But as I like to think- it's lived in, not staged and all my boys toys they play with! Joey is really getting better about putting his toys back where they belong, but at the same time he's three so I take what I can get!

I just recently moved things around in here to open it up a little more and give the boys some more room to play. Joey loves playing with his lego's and they were spilling out into the foyer, so this layout works for them much better. 

I'm gonna try and link as much as possible, but if you have questions about anything, just comment below!

*may contain affiliate links!

Love Seat | Ikea
Striped Rug | Pottery Barn Kids (newer version)
Blue Pillows | Home Goods
Striped Pillow Cover | Amazon
Book Case | Pottery Barn Kids
Table & Chairs | Buy Buy Baby
Toy Chest | Ikea (old- no longer available)
White Rope Baskets | Target
Wicker Baskets | Ikea
Rugby Stripe Bins | Target
Animal Heads | Target
Colored Frames | Michael's 
Art in Frames | Lindsay Letter Co.
Shiplap Animals | Hobby Lobby (similar)
Wood Frame | Michael's
Woven Basket | Target
Colorful Map | Printed at Staples
Art of Month Sign | Board & Brush Painted
Acrylic Shelves | Amazon
Kitchen | Hearth & Hand- Target
House Shelves | Hobby Lobby
Rainbow Sign | Opal + Olive
Playroom Sign | Hobby Lobby
Dinosaur Planters | Hobby Lobby (similar)
Baseball Rug | Buy Buy Baby

So as you can see- not perfect, but as good as it's gonna get! Do you have a dedicated playroom? How do you keep it clean?

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