Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Budget Friendly or FREE Valentine's Weekend Activities | PRINT YOUR OWN COUPONS!

Valentine's Day is THIS weekend!!  If you didn't realize that- this is your warning!!

Joe and I usually don't do anything special for it. For as long as I can remember, we have always just cooked at home and stayed in. Restaurants are always packed, most places have a pre-fixed meal and sometimes they even raise the prices!

As far as gifts, I couldn't even tell you when he stopped giving gifts to each other for Valentine's Day. We still do cards and usually I'll be treated to flowers or chocolate covered strawberries which is a nice treat!

With COVID very much still here, I know a lot of people aren't able to willing to go out to restaurants yet. And I know personally a lot of people who are struggling due to loss or work due to all the shut downs, so ordering take out from local businesses just really isn't an option. 

Today, I wanted to share some budget friendly or free ideas that you can do with your loved ones this Valentine's Day weekend!

  • DIY Card: there is just something more meaningful about a home made card. Why send $6 on a card when you can make one with things you prolly have around your house already. There are so many ways to make one your self. You can use construction paper, blank paper & stickers, crayons, markers etc. 

  • Fondue Night: This is something we are doing this year with the boys. From ages ago I have a small Hershey Kiss fondue pot from when I was a kid that I snagged from my parents house. Joey loves the idea of dipping things into the fondue, so we are going to start with a cheese with veggies, breads and crackers and get a sweet treat with chocolate fondue! Some ideas to add with them
    • Cheese Fondue - Crackers, Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Pretzels, Apples & (for kids or adults) French Fries!
    • Chocolate Fondue - Brownies, Strawberries, Mini Rice Krispy Treats, Marshmallows, Bananas, Cookies and Angel Food Cake.

  • Coupon Book: This is always something fun to make. You can do it for simple things, like 1 car wash or you could get really out there and use it for some fun other things! For the sake of keeping it PG- today I am letting you create your own! You can print a few of them, punch holes in the side and tie a ribbon to make them look more like a book!
Print your own HERE!

Here are more Date Night Ideas I've shared previously, too!

Hope this helps you to think of fun ways to stay safe and at home this Valentine's Day!!

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