Friday, February 5, 2021

Vinny Goes to School (aka Daycare)

 When I found at I was pregnant with Vinny, I knew I had to go back to work sooner then I did with Joey. For my own mental health and getting Vinny adapted to other kids in daycare would be best for both of us! However, COVID had other plans. He was suppose to start when the new school year started late August, but we just still didn't feel comfortable with him teething and crawling and everything going in his mouth. So, we held off until he turned one. 

We are so lucky to have a day care/ school about 7 minutes from our house that is so great and that Joey loves. We enrolled him to start the Friday after his birthday- just happened that's how it worked out with his doctors appointment for his one year check up!  He goes on Tuesday's and Friday's and is able to see Joey while he's there, too!

There about 12 other kids in his class and he attends two days a week. We will be enrolling him another day so that Joey and Vinny's schedule matches, but waiting until he gets more used to the routine. I was a little nervous since he would be starting in the infant mobile room, which meant they would be sitting at their little tables to eat and sleeping on cots. However, Vinny has been doing so well! He was still so unsteady walking when he started just a month ago, but now prefers walking (actually a little running) instead of crawling!

I've said it was Joey, but I will say it with Vinny as well, the best thing we could have done for him, is start him in a school program. The learning and other children interaction he gets is better then we could have given him at home!

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