Friday, February 12, 2021

I Went Back to Work Full Time

So, yep.. you read that right- I went back to work (in the office) full time. Technically, since June I have been working from home full time, but now, getting everybody else's schedule in sync is a job in itself. 

I did a recap of our daily routine a few years ago, and it was one of my top posts! So, I thought I would share with you again. Adding in another child this time of course!
and here's a picture of their fresh new haircuts they got last weekend. Vinny did so well for his first one, and Joey is just a stud and stayed for still for his first deep part!

Monday & Wednesday..
The boys both go to my parents house, so we need to be out of the house by 7:45am. 

Joey typically will wake up at 6:30 or sometimes earlier so when he comes into our room, that's our cue to get ready for the day. Joe will bring him downstairs to have breakfast and play while I get ready. When I'm finished I will grab Vinny from his room and bring him downstairs to have breakfast ( aka his first breakfast of the day usually).  We pack up for the day and head to my parents house which is about 25-30 minutes away. From my parents house to work is about another 30 minutes. I work 9-5 and then head back to my parents house to pick up the boys. These are both long days, with lots of driving, but we are so lucky to have them available to watch the boys for us! The boys usually both eat dinner there and sleep on the way home. Vinny will always wake up when the car stops, but sometimes Joey will stay asleep on the couch until bath & bed time. 

Tuesday & Friday ..
I call these are easier days! Both boys are at their pre-school/ day care which is only a few minutes from the house. I am able to drop both boys off at school and then head into work which is about 20 minutes away. I work until 5 so Joe will pick up the boys from school and bring them home. They will play for a little while I make them dinner. We are thankful that we subscribe to a meal subscription to help us with meal planning. Right now we are using the Home Chef kit and get two meals a week. They have so many options to chose from, that we always find something we like! I can honestly say I haven't had something I don't like. 

This day is usually a little hectic in the morning. Joey is in school but Vinny still goes to my parents house. I have to drop Joey off by 8am in order to get to my parents house and to work on time. In a month or two once Vinny gets a little more acclimated to the school routine, he will start Thursday's as well and make it a little easier on the running around aspect. Joe will pick Joey up from school around 4:30-5 and then head to my parents house with him to get Vinny. Thankfully the boys usually both have dinner at my parents house before coming home and Joe will pick either his favorite BBQ place or our cousin's Italian restaurant on the way home. If I have any errands to run after work- this is the day to do it! So I will get home around 6:30-7 right when they boys gets home too.

This is our family time! Usually one day of the weekend we will grab breakfast or lunch from a local restaurant to still support them, even if we don't actually go to the place. Right now, Joey is enrolled in a sports class on Saturday mornings at our community center down the street. That runs for a few weeks and it's so good to get up and moving with other kids! Only one parent is allowed, so Joe brings him and then usually goes on a Starbucks/ errands run with Joey while I'm home with Vinny. We like to do all the cleaning & chores in the morning so that we can do more fun things the rest of the day. 

You know there a million things thrown in between waking up and bathes and bed time, but I will spare you the boring details!! Our routine is not perfect- at all.. but it works for us!

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