Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some Date Night Ideas

It's Valentine's Day weekend soon and the restaurants will be packed. I don't know about you, but I would rather go on a romantic date night on a random Wednesday night then fight the crowds on the Saturday of Valentine's Day. If you are like me and get anxiety around tons of people in crowded places, then my list may be just the medicine you need!

Movie Night In | Grab a movie you both haven't seen in a while and cozy up on the couch. Pick up some movie theater candy from the local dollar store and pop some popcorn with extra butter (calories don't count tonight)

Share Cooking Duties | Pick an appetizer, entree, special drink and dessert. Split up the responsibilities. Maybe you are a better baker and you make the dessert and drinks. He then makes the apps and entree. Share the duty of washing the dishes. 

Picnic In The Living Room | Either make dinner or order in. Get a blanket, maybe some flowers and paper plates. Indulge in the living room with some wine and music playing.

Board Game- Electronics | Pull out all your old board games from your parents basement and have a game night! Put your cell phones on silent and your computers in the other room. Enjoy playing the games just like you were little. 

Painting Party | Purchase painting supplies from your local craft store and two canvas. Print out a design or picture you like and start painting. Mix up drinks and have some snacks while you work on your masterpiece. Give your painting your significant other when dry. 

Hope you have fun this weekend with some of these ideas..

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