Thursday, December 17, 2020

Weekend Rewind | December 2020

Let me start by saying, we are so lucky and fortunate to be able to provide the lifestyle with live for ourselves and the boys. During the initial shut down, I was on maternity leave and was fortunate I had my job when I got back from leave. Joe worked throughout the how shut down, since he was an essential worker because ya know people need BEER! I know a lot of families who weren't so fortunate. If you are able to I highly suggest giving back. Joey and I went shopping this year and picked out a few gifts to donate to Toys to Tots and it was the best feeling! We also sponsored a child through our local Salvation Army. 
Anyway, that was my blurb for today..

This past weekend was a blast. I know everyone says you never know the magic of Christmas until you have kids and man is that true!! 

Wednesday we had our first snowfall of the year, so Joey and Vinny got to enjoy it with my parents at their house while I was at work. 

I snapped this picture of the house when I got home from work. Something so magical about Christmas lights with snow.

The boys at Gaga and Poppy's house enjoying the snow day!

Friday, our elves Bernie and Ernie left the boys all the treats to make a hot chocolate bar.  Joe was actually off from work, so we decided to go for breakfast at one of our favorite little places. Our governor in PA shut down in door dining starting at midnight, so we knew we wanted to get in one last in restaurant meal before the shut down. I had some pick up orders so we finished off the morning running errands. We picked Joey up from school and had all intentions of driving around to look at lights when it got dark, but it ended up being so foggy that we only went through our development. We ended the night with Christmas movies, hot cocoa and some snacks.

Saturday morning Joey's sports class got cancelled due to the shut down, so we started making our annual Christmas cookies. Our local fire department comes around the neighborhood with Santa and delivers gifts to the kids. We were so excited to see him- it was a little bit of normalcy in such a crappy year. 
Joey got a fire emergency helicopter and Vinny got a little people fire truck. It was the first time Vinny saw Santa in person.. he's still not to sure about him!  We made more Christmas cookies to finish the day and watched even more Christmas movies. 

Sunday morning, I woke up early with Vinny made the last batches of cookies I needed to. Joey for once slept in until 7:30! I made the boys waffles and let Joe sleep in. Later that morning, Joe's mom came for the day. 

We had another special visitor come to our house for a stop! I dressed the boys up and told Joey someone really special was coming because he heard he has been good. SANTA came to visit us!!! My mom's cousin owns this amazing Santa suit and volunteered to come visit the boys. It was so great! He walked around to the back of the house and Joey saw him walk past the window. He came through the patio with a gift for him and Vinny and of course Joey invited him inside. He got our pictures with Santa this year WITHOUT a mask or behind plexiglass as they are at the mall's this year. It was so magical Joey seeing him!

and if you want to see the video of Santa arriving, head to my instagram stories highlights of 'Christmas 2020' to see!

Later that day we headed to the Easton Winter Fest to visit the little huts and check out their ice rink. The boys and I got noodles for dinner from our favorite Mister Lee's Noodles, and Joe and his mom grabbed BBQ from the Public Market in town. 

It was such a special weekend for our boys and a good one for my mama soul!

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