Thursday, April 9, 2020

Toddler Activities to Keep Little Ones Busy

Where's my moms of little ones at? How hard is it to keep the little ones occupied all day long, especially if you are experiencing rainy or winter weather outside!
The first week I was all on board with the learning, using ABC Mouse and some work books we already had on hand, but after about day three, Joey got bored and it became more difficult. I am trying to stick to his 'school' schedule as much as possible, but throwing in some fun Joey- Mommy time!
These is our routine that we follow.. I am NO expert- but this seems to work for us! Now in the middle of this, I am trying to get things done during the day, and luckily a lot of my work I can do once my husband gets home or after I put the boys to bed. So, do what is best for you. If you have to resort to cartoons, screen time, movies etc. no one should judge you! We are all trying to get through this time together and should be cheering each other on!
This is a template of the schedule we try to follow. I put times on them, but in reality, it's whatever the moods are for the day. Sometimes Joey is really on a roll with the 'school' work 
6:00am- wake up/ lay in bed/ play with cars upstairs
7:00am- head downstairs, breakfast
7:30-9am- free time - cartoons, books, toys
9:00am- Snack 
9:30-11am- ABC Mouse/ Workbooks
11:00am- Free time
12:00pm- Lunch
12:30-2pm- craft/ books
2:00pm-try to nap (ha) walk around block
3:00pm- if daddy is home, ride bike outside until dinner
5 or 6pm- dinner 
7:00pm- bath and bedtime
So what are some activities we've been up to? Well here are just a few!
Games: Pop the Pig, Let's Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, Don't Break the Ice.

Activities: Cupcake decorating, Baking cake pops, coloring, making cards for family and friends, Easter Bunny Craft. ABC Mouse, Kumon learning books.
We got the box of cupcakes delivered, but you can easily make them yourself your local bakeries don't offer this. You need cupcakes, icing, sprinkles, and anything else you want to decorate with.
Cake pops were very easy to make!


Boxed or store bought cake
Melting Chocolate
Store bought frosting
Sprinkles to decoration


Make boxed cake according to box. I made them a dozen using half of the cake. Whether you made a boxed cake or bought a store bought one, the next steps are the same. Break the cake up and add in frosting. Using a fork keep mashing the cake with the frosting. I used about half of a container of frosting. But use as much until you feel as though you would be able to roll the cake into balls. Form balls by rolling in your hands and put stick halfway into ball. Place on a baking sheet and put into freezer for about an hour. Melt chocolate and dip cake pop in. Cover the stick a little as well, so that it doesn't fall off. To let them dry, I cut holes in the cake box, however I made them pretty big, so they were top heavy. I had my assistant (Joey) hold some until dried. We added sprinkles but you don't have to. 

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