Friday, April 3, 2020

Vincent Daniel | Two Months

Once again, I am late posting the monthly photo. But as I'm sure your life is right now, everything is out of sorts. 

Speaking of the current situation, I will take this time to address is. I am scared, trying to stay calm, but my anxiety usually gets the best of me when I lay down. I watch the news and seeing all the local press conferences, sends my head into a whirl wind. I see things on social media and my brain goes to the worst case scenario. So this blog is a little outlet of joy. please don't take it as I'm being insensitive posting happier times, house decor, activities.. but I know I love still checking out my favorite bloggers because like I said before.. the news, the press conferences, the social media stories, they all get to be so much to handle. So if you stick around, I will try to stay as positive as possible, and later this week I will be sharing some activities we've been doing to stay busy during this stay at home time!

Anyway, back to Vinny! He's growing so fast, and I pulled out pictures of Joey this age- Ya'll they are TWINS! It's too funny!

Two Month: March 7, 2020
Weight: 10lbs
Height:  inches
Diet:  formula
Sleeping:  about 10 hours per night
Clothing Size:  0-3 months
Diaper Size: size 1's

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