Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Spring Amazon Favorites

Who has been shopping on Amazon more then ever before! This girl right here is. Even though things are taking longer to be delivered. It's literally so easy with just a click of the mouse or swipe of the finger to make your purchase. I've rounded up some of my favorites!

Layered Necklace
I love the simple look of this necklace. I order a lot of similar ones to see what they looked like and this was by far the nicest. I wore this for Vinny's Baptism in February 
Shape Wear
Ladies, if you aren't feeling the best in the tight dress, or like me have some extra baby pounds, this Maidenform shape wear was perfect. I loved the buttoned crouch so that I was easily able to use the bathroom if needed when wearing it!!
The Last Time I Saw You- Book
I loved this book. In fact I read it in the matter on three days! The author, Liv Constantine wrote another book I loved 'The Last Mrs. Parish' and this one didn't disappoint at all. It's a fast read and kept you on your toes!
Yoga Pants
These might be my favorite pants- more then Lulu Lemon and Aerie combined. Yep, I said it! They are so silky smooth and have a pocket on the side which is perfect to carry a phone if you are tracking steps for a workout program.


Water Beads
I put these in Joey's Easter basket and he's played with them every other day since. Warning- they are small and recommended for three years +. They start out as tiny tiny beads and soaked for 4-6 hours turn into about 3-4 times the size. They are gel like, which I am not a huge fan of touching, but Joey loves them! I plan on filling the water table when it gets nice with a lot of them to use during the Summer months.
Bike Bell
Joey requested a bike bell for this birthday in the beginning of the month. Since can't go to any shops, I ordered this one thinking it would be cheap, but I wasn't pleasantly surprised at the quality. Now the whole neighborhood knows when he's coming!
Sneaky Snacky Squirel & Let's Feed the Hungry Caterpillar
I talked about these games before in my post here. Joey still likes playing it and it is fun for the adults as well!
Acrylic Paint
Crafts.. we've been doing a lot and I realized I didn't have any paints. SO I ordered this paint kit off Amazon and loved all the colors for the price!
Duplo Lego Kits
This was part of Joey's Valentine's gift. He really is into the lego's right now, and instead of investing in more bricks of random ones, I got him a few sets that he can mix and match.
Kid's Suede Loafers
I can not with these shoes! Joey wore them for Vinny's baptism and got so many compliments. He felt like such a big boy wearing them. They are true to size and look at lot more expensive then they really are.

Buffalo Check Wall Paper
After wall papering Vinny's room in the Fall, I knew Joey's room needed some love too. So I searched for the perfect print. I found this peel and stick and fell in love. It really is so easy to use, that his room I did all by myself. Only issue I had is not all the rolls were the same size 'boxes', which was fine, because this design already has a imperfect look anyway. 
Being that all the hair dressers are closed, I feel like this is going to be a top purchase! It really was so easy to use and love it came with sheers as well!
Tap Night Light
I got this night light originally for Vinny's room to use for over night feedings and changes and we loved it so much we got one for Joey's room as well. You simply just tap the top of the egg and it comes on. Plus it works by charging the light using a USB and a phone brick. 
When we got our new King size bed over Summer, I had only purchased one set of sheets from Target, because sheets are expensive!! Fast forward to potty training. Joey was home with me sick one day and fell asleep in our bed. Usually we put a pull up on him for accidents over night, but I didn't and he peed our bed. I immediately striped the sheets and had to wash them for in time to sleep for tonight. I knew I had to get an extra pair. I looked at a couple of fellow bloggers talking about these and I'm so glad I ordered them! I love them actually more then our expensive ones I got from Target! 
Shag Rug
Got this shag rug to layer in Joey's room to add a little extra brightness. It's the perfect size, and loved the price of it. Is it the best quality- nope! But for less then $40.00 it will serve the purpose.
Sofa Risers 
Do you have a million wooden puzzles and pieces laying all over your play room or house? Well I got risers to put under our playroom sofa to raise it, and then put all the puzzles and smaller things I wanted stashed away in there and slid it under the sofa! It was the best thing I could have done in that room.

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