Saturday, September 7, 2019

Joey's First Day of Orange Giraffe's

Last week Joey moved up to an older classroom in his daycare/school he attends. We were kinda sad to learn he was moving up so soon, since we just moved up to his previous classroom after the holidays, and we loved his teachers. At the same time, we were so happy with the progression he was making and that he's grown so much in those few months. I didn't think it would be that hard since the classrooms were right next to each other and had a conjoining door that he could see his previous teachers daily, but boy did he give us a hard time. 
I had a doctors appointment for the baby the morning of his first day, so Joe had to bring him alone to school. All I wanted that morning was a nice picture.. instead I got this of his screaming not to take his picture.

I made this pennant for him to hold in pictures using my Silohette machine. 

and another one.. just because!

But, this picture was sent to us the next day of him on the much bigger playground, and he was loving it! The past few days, he's been walking into the room not even holding my hand. He immediately goes to play with a toy and his friends and only is still a little clingy when it's time to leave. All in all, he's loving his new room. He's being 'trying' to use the potty in the new room, and has learned so many new things already!
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